Pokémon GO Special Research Quest: How to Catch Ditto

The latest Special Research quest on Pokemon Go is known as Let’s Go, Meltan! and it brings back a difficult task: players have to catch Ditto. “Catch a Ditto” is something that was also required for the Mew Special Research quest and many players had difficulties with it.  That’s because Ditto can transform in other Pokemon as well, which makes the entire task trickier.

There isn’t too much time left for this quest, so all players are doing their best to catch the Pokemon. Spawn rates are increased, so it is not hard to understand why trainers want to complete this quest as soon as possible.

How to catch Ditto?

If you are one of the players that want to catch Ditto, we have prepared a couple of tips for you. It appears to be an easy way to do this, although not many players realise it. The Let’s Go, Meltan! event also brought new temporary Field Research quests. One of this quests is to make an excellent throw. While this might not appear important at first, the reward for that is a Pidgey encounter, but it appears that it is in fact Ditto.

All you have to do is visit a couple of PokeStops and make an excellent throw. Then catch the Pokemon that shows up. Obviously even this task will require a bit of effort but it is a lot simpler to catch Ditto this way.

If you manage to do it, you will notice that there will be even more quests for the Let’s Go, Meltan Special Research. As a pro tip, it will be a lot easier to complete this Special Research before November 27 because of the quests revolving around a Pokemon that currently has increased spawns.

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