YouTube Stories Is Now Available For More Content Creators

The concept of “stories” initiated by Snapchat and then made famous by Facebook on Instagram and its own social network platform, arrived a year ago to Youtube, but in exclusivity only for some YouTubers. YouTube wanted to avoid the accusations of copyright infringement by Snapchat and initially called the feature “Reels.” Now Google wants to make the bring the YouTube Stories function to a broader public, given the popularity of the format in recent years.

Now, Google allows all the YouTube content creators with more than 10,000 subscribers to post YouTube Stories to help them communicate better with their followers in this way.

YouTube Stories will remain on the content creators’ profile for seven days and would allow the fans to engage in conversations with their favorite YouTubers.

Google Makes YouTube Stories Available For All Content Creators With More Than 10,000 Subscribers

Stories have become an indispensable method of communication in the “teenage” stage of social networks, and their implementation for a more extensive array of YouTube content creators is beneficial for them.

Now, YouTubers with more than 10,000 subscribers can publish YouTube Stories to keep in touch with their followers better and without having to produce and edit a video as they would typically do.

In other news, YouTube, the most popular video streaming platform on the planet, would offer free access to their original productions, including both movies and TV series, via YouTube Originals starting with 2020. However, even though the company announced that it will change the focus of this division of the business and that it will share some of its productions for free, the platform would monetize itself through ads.

In the meantime, YouTube Stories, a concept which is very common and successful on Facebook and Instagram, in particular, is now available for every YouTube with as low as 10,000 subscribers.

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