Clash of Clans: How To Solve The Screen Sensitivity Issue

Several Clash of Clans have reported sensitivity issues. According to the complaints that have appeared on forums, troops don’t deploy when users tap the screen. It takes around three taps to finally deploy the troops.

The same issues occur everywhere in the game, when players arrange their main base, their builder base, and when they collect resources. Nonetheless, this problem becomes more serious during wars and attacks as it can ruin the strategy of a player. Some users even sent their phone to the service centre, but there were no problems with the device.

How to solve the issue?

There is no official fix for this problem yet. Nonetheless, one user suggested one possible solution. You need to activate the “Developer Mode” first. Once you do that, select the “Developer Settings” tab and enable Cursor and touch location. You need to make sure that your device is 100% responsive. You can do that by looking out for the cursor, and make sure that it shows up when you touch a building in the game.

As long as the cursor is only missing in Clash of Clans, it means that the issue is caused by the game. However, if it happens to other applications as well you might have a problem with your screen. You can start by removing your screen protector, and if the problem continues to exist, you might need to change your display.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Clash of Clans could also help you get rid of the issue. Sadly, there is no official response for this issue and we have to wait until Supercell comes with a solution for this problem. If this issue is something that persists we might receive a fix for it in an upcoming update.

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