Clash of Clans December Update Brings New Magic Items and Changes

The December update for Clash of Clans is usually the most important one of the year. Since the update is almost here, we were able to find out what it will bring. New items and spells are on their way. You can find out more details by keeping an eye on the social media accounts of the game.

New Magic Items

The Clash of Clans December update is preparing some surprises for the users. There will be new tree obstacles that will cost 25,000 gold to remove. The good news is that you will be able to rearrange all the obstacles any way you want to. You can do this using the new Shovel of Obstacles and it works for all kinds of obstacles, including those from previous events. You can group all your Christmas Trees in a small forest or arrange your pumpkins together.

The Hero Potion is another addition for those with Magic Items. This potion allows you to boost a Hero, adding five levels to its current level status. This effect can last one hour. The Hero Potion can be a great way of winning your battles.

The Bat Spell

There is also a new spell for those who have their Town Hall at level 10, 11 or 12. This spell can be used to attack buildings, but it only affects defences. Traps won’t be affected by this spell, except for the Tesla. Nonetheless, this potion is great for weakening defences such as the Archer Tower and Teslas. It does not work that well on the Wizard Tower or the Multi-Inferno.

In order to produce this spell, you will need at least Level 5 Dark Spell Factory. The spell has an area splash effect and it takes one housing space. It takes three minutes to brew it.

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