Clash of Clans: How to Max out Level 12 Walls

In this article, we’re going to talk about Clash of Clans, the most famous strategy games out there, and how you can max out level 12 walls.

How many attacks should the player make every day?

People have started to ask themselves if there are any good leagues for them to use and how many attacks should they do each day in order to max out the walls. Some people have the answer: if your heroes are maxed, then it would be a waste of time to stay at TH11 just to max the walls. What you should do is to go towards TH12.

Raid as much as you can

However, there are many strategies available. You can raid with a big army, then raid with a cheap army, while the heroes are healing. The goblin knife dead bases or the batch down in low leagues raid only with the troops. However, there’s no silver bullet. The walls for max TH11 cost about 1.2 billion, so even if it’s the case you make 1.2 million profit for every raid, you need about 1000 raids to complete. So another answer to the question is that you need to raid a lot. Many people have found themselves in this situation. Many rushes and ruin the entire strategy. Some only attack with QW/miners in Titan2 and there’s also a loot with a bonus there. If they boost, it will take them about half a year. Players don’t know if they can finish it sooner than that.

Most of the players stick with this idea that they need to raid a lot, no matter the trophies, or army they decide to use – they think there are such tricks, you just need to increase the loot inflow in time. Some of them believe that there’s no use in wasting the build and lab time.

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