Tips to get Fast Streaming Speeds with a VPN

If the slow streaming speed is triggering nightmares and you feel like you’re on the verge of smashing your laptop or monitor, you’d better stop because there are plenty of hacks and solutions to help you in this regard. The time of enduring massive pain of buffering has finally come to an end.

Here are a few hacks to speed up streaming in general:

Switch to Ethernet or Improve Wi-Fi signals

This seems the obvious thing to do, but sometimes it’s overlooked. Step into the Wi-Fi radius, and you’ll get a full signal throughout your streaming session. If things are still slow, switch to an Ethernet connection.

Disable the auto updates

Regardless of the OS that you’re on, if the automatic updates are turned on, there will also be endless buffering, so make sure to turn them off. This way, bandwidth will not be consumed without having your consent.

Update or fix your plug-ins

Don’t forget to uninstall all the unnecessary/shady plugins that you might have on your browser. And also, update or fix the useful ones to avoid Internet crashes and chokes.


If your Internet speed is still slow, another great solution that you have available is using a VPN. VPN services have various servers installed all over the world, and you can connect to them for more stable Internet speed. If you’re wondering what’s the best VPN solution, you could try NordVPN, for instance.

If your ISP is throttling speed on some websites or services that are broadcasting content, you can get around this nasty issue by connecting to a powerful server, and you’ll notice how things will get better, and you’ll forget all about the streaming issues.

This is an affordable service, and the best thing is that it comes packed with lots of handy features. You can read the complete here to find out more details about it.

Use dedicated streaming services

Dedicated streaming services are created to do precisely what their name suggests. They will successfully boost the Internet’s streaming speed. These come in various packages, but the primary purpose is the same speed up the streaming speed on multiple devices. Again, if you need a suggestion, we’re happy to provide one: Kodi. This is an open source streaming software that allows for unlimited entertainment.

Another important thing is to remember that using the best VPN for Kodi has become essential these days due to potential copyright violation threats that are lurking around. This can also help unblock geo-restricted Kodi channels as well.

Kodi media center is able to stream Movies, Live Sports, TV Shows, and Live IPTV Channels and it’s the ideal solution for both your entertainment needs and preventing buffering as well,

The main features that Kodi provides are: hiding your online traffic, keeping your online privacy 100% protected, unblocking geo-restricted content and improving streaming speeds.

If you decide to get the software, make sure to choose the best VPN for Kodi as well.

As a conclusion, using these simple hacks will definitely improve your streaming experience more than ever. Enjoy!

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