Xbox Scarlett Project Might Consist Of Two Consoles – Xbox Anaconda And Xbox Lockhart

The next generation of Microsoft consoles, known as Xbox Scarlett, could actually be a family of consoles consisting of two machines, namely Xbox Anaconda and Xbox Lockhart.

During the last months, we have been talking a lot about the future of Microsoft in the world of video games consoles as it is known that they are already preparing their next-generation Xbox. The console, known until now as Xbox Scarlett, could be much more than we thought. It seems that Project Scarlett is actually a family of two consoles – Xbox Anaconda and Xbox Lockhart.

According to Brad Sams, on his YouTube channel, Xbox Lockhart would be the codename of the successor of the current Xbox One S, while Xbox Anaconda would be the follow-up to the current-gen Xbox One X. According to the rumors, Microsoft calls Xbox Lockhart as Scarlett Arcade and Xbox Anaconda as Scarlett Pro. Accordingly, Xbox Lockhart would have less power than Xbox Anaconda, although both would share the same architecture and infrastructure.

Xbox Scarlett Project Might Consist Of Two Consoles – Xbox Anaconda And Xbox Lockhart

On the other hand, Brad Sams pointed out that soon we could start hearing more about Danta which would be the name of the Xbox Anaconda development kit that Microsoft would soon begin sending to developers.

And if that weren’t enough, also as reported by Sams, Microsoft would even plan to launch a machine known as Maverick which would be the rumored Xbox without a disk reader and would arrive accompanied by a device called Roma which would serve to reproduce digital content such as the Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold.

In short, it seems that Microsoft is preparing something significant for its next-generation of video game consoles, although we can not ensure you that Xbox Scarlett is actually a family consisting of several machines, as the company has not yet come up with an official announcement in this regard.

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