GTA 6: Release Game and a Female-Main Character?

2018 is almost over and fans still don’t know anything about GTA 6 – not a release date, not even an update of their work or if work really happens – at all. Fans can only think of GTA 6 by making comparisons with GTA 5.

Will they get rid of the previous characters?

Among the most preferred rumors out there on the internet, is also the possibility of a new main protagonist. In every title, we got to meet some new characters and their stories. However, there has always been the main character that was the center of the gameplay. There are rumors that they simply cannot get rid of the main protagonists of the previous game. We cannot know for sure until we have an official statement from the game developers.

Some say that Trevor, Franklin and Michael – the protagonists of GTA V – won’t be returning for the sequel. But that they’d make occasional cameos in the next game GTA 6.

It’s also a rumor on the internet that a female protagonist will make its appearance in GTA 6. One of the writers of the game was asked in an interview if there’s a possibility for a female character to be the main character of the game, and his answer was of course, but they did not find the perfect one yet, but that it’s definitely in their minds. As long as they have the proper themes, there can be a female lead role in the game.

The release date

As said before, we don’t have much information for GTA 6. Also, the release date may not happen soon, as we believed. One gaming industry analyst said that the game will be announced in 2020, so it’s very likely it will be launched in 2021.

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