IOTransfer 3 Is A Free Online Video Downloader for iOS, Content Management Tool, And More

In its essence, IOTransfer 3 is a substitute for iTunes, so it’s a solution for iOS users to manage their iPhone or iPad content. That means that iOS users can use IOTransfer 3 for managing photos, music, books, videos, contacts, apps, and so on. Besides, IOTransfer 3 is also a free online video downloader for iOS.

A recent IOTransfer 3 update brought in some additional features, including support for more formats for its built-in video converter, support for importing/exporting Google and Outlook in CSV, optimized AIR-TRANS for more stable and faster file transfer, and others.

Use IOTransfer 3 As A Content Management Tool For iOS

IOTransfer 3 makes content management on iOS more straightforward than ever as it comes with features for converting photos, videos, music, apps, books, and much more. Thanks to these features, anytime you send a file to your iOS-powered devices with IOTransfer 3, the program automatically converts it to the best file format for iPhone or iPad.

Besides, IOTransfer 3 can also act as backup storage, allowing you to clone your old iOS device and then transfer your data and apps to a new iPhone or iPad.

IOTransfer 3 Is A Free Online Video Downloader for iOS

While on Android tons of apps allow users to download videos from sites and streaming services (Vidmate and Snaptube, for example, to name a couple), on iOS, the situation is different, and there are no such apps, at least not as accessible as those on Android.

Luckily, IOTransfer 3 is also a free online video downloader for iOS. It permits users to take down videos from sites like Facebook and Instagram, but also from popular streaming platforms such as DailyMotion, Vimeo, and so on. It boasts a user-friendly interface and supports many video formats, enabling users to choose their favorite one, as well as the resolutions of the output video files they download.

Once IOTransfer 3 ends downloading a video, you can transfer it almost instantly on your iOS devices. Also, you can back up your videos on your iPhone and iPad with IOTransfer 3.

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