Brawl Stars Is Another Excellent Mobile Game From Supercell

Whenever Supercell devs announce the coming of a new game, they create a big buzz, and the fans are getting very excited. That also happened with the latest release from Supercell. In short, Brawl Stars is another excellent mobile game from the creators of two of the most successful titles for mobiles, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

Brawl Stars launched in 2017 in Canada, as a Beta version, and, at first, was not a very promising game. In consequence, Supercell rethought the game, implemented a few changes and tweaks, and released it in several other countries, as well, but also as part of the testing phase.

Eventually, the game rolled out, globally, and has quickly become another excellent mobile game from Supercell. It has gained popularity and appreciation within days since it rolled out internationally, and there are some very good reasons behind that.

Brawl Stars Is Another Excellent Mobile Game From Supercell

Brawl Stars comes with a vast variety of characters and an innovative way to introduce game modes. Therefore, the fun is guaranteed, and the gamers will not get bored quickly with Brawl Stars. As for the before-mentioned modes in this new Supercell title, each mode is live for a limited period and boasts distinct goals.

The Smash & Grab Mode in Brawl Stars, for example, is a 3v3 mode in with the first team which collects ten gems wins the battle. On the other hand, in the Heist mode, the group of players who destroys the opponent’s treasure chest wins the game and collect the loot. There are many other modes in Brawl Stars, but there’s one that particularly loved by the fans – Showdown.

Showdown is the Battle Royale mode in Brawl Stars, and Supercell has done an excellent job with this one. In Showdown, ten Brawlers are placed into a large map to fight each other. The catch is that the map is shrinking, so you’ll only have a chance to win a battle if you fight. As in any Battle Royale game, the last man standing wins.

That being said, Brawl Stars is another excellent mobile game from Supercell, and also a massive revenue generator for the Finnish developers.

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