LG Smartphone With A Second Display Attachment Might Launch At MWC 2019

Reportedly, LG would launch a smartphone with a second display attachment at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, in February. The information came from an internal source, according to CNET. According to the rumors, LG would launch a device with a sort of a case that would be nothing else than a second screen which would double the real size of the unannounced LG smartphone’s display.

However, the rumored LG smartphone would not be a folding smartphone, but it would be a regular phone with a second display attachment, meaning that it will use two completely separate screens.

This LG smartphone with a second display attachment would be just one of the many devices the South Korean tech company will unveil at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona. However, the source cited by CNET did not reveal the name of the rumored double-screened smartphone that LG will reportedly roll out at MWC 2019.

LG Smartphone With A Second Display Attachment Might Launch At MWC 2019

“While the company is mulling the G8 name, it’s unclear whether the multiple-screen phone will carry the name of its flagship line. There’s a chance that one of the more conventional-looking devices will carry the G8 ThinQ name instead, but that hasn’t been decided on,” reported CNET.

Also, as CNET reported, some confusion spread online after a report appeared on the Korean-language outlet Naver. According to the portal, LG would plan to launch a folding smartphone to get a share of this emerging market, currently led by Samsung, which would roll out its Galaxy F on February 20th, Lenovo, with its Motorola Razr “remake,” and other manufacturers.

However, according to the latest rumors, LG would not launch a folding smartphone but might unveil at MWC 2019 the LG smartphone with a second display attachment we’ve talked about above. Undoubtedly, we will have an exciting MWC this year.

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