Pokemon Go Update Comes Out With New Pokemon From the Sinnoh Region

Recently, Pokemon Go received a new update. It seems that the new Pokemon Go update comes out also with new Pokemon from the Sinnoh region and their respective evolutions. The Pokemon monsters of the Sinnoh region, in the Pokemon universe, emerged in Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. They included their individual developments, but those would need unique items to happen.

“The Pokemon cited in the update included Lickilicky and Tangrowth, which evolve from Lickitung and Tangela respectively. Players must have Sinnoh Stones in order to evolve these Kanto-region Pokémon into their Sinnoh counterparts, and those aren’t easy to come by. Additional evolutions, as hinted at by attached art heralding the update are Ambipom, Gallade, and Yanmega – which come from Aipom, Kirlia, and Yanma,” Polygon reported.

Accordingly, thanks to the new Pokemon Go update, we’ll get the chance to catch Lickilicky and Tangrowth, which would develop into Lickitung and Tangela, as well as Ambipom, Gallade, and Yanmega evolutions which would come from Aipom, Kirlia, and Yanma.

Pokemon Go Update Comes Out With New Pokemon From the Sinnoh Region

“Trainers, did you know that some Pokemon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region evolve from Pokemon previously discovered in other regions? Starting today, you’ll be able to use a Sinnoh Stone to evolve Lickitung into Lickilicky, Tangela into Tangrowth, and more,” the official Pokemon Go update release noted said.

“There are also some big changes coming! You may notice that Pokemon that appear in Raid Battles are more powerful and sturdy when you challenge them. Plus, some moves that certain Pokemon know may be stronger or weaker when used in battle. Finally, certain Pokemon may be able to learn new moves via TM that will help them perform in battle, such as Machamp now being able to know the Rock-type move Rock Slide,” the release notes added.

In short, the recent Pokemon Go update comes with new Pokemon monsters from the Sinnoh region and their respective evolutions.

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