Pokemon Go Receives Additional Gen 4 Pokemon And Adds Significant Battle Changes, Too

Niantic added a few new Pokemon monsters in Pokemon Go and made some significant battle changes, too. More specifically, the company released several Gen 4 Pokemon in Pokemon Go, such as Diamond and Pearl, as well as two new evolved forms and a baby Pokemon. Also, Niantic added some changes to the trainer and raid battle gameplay.

“In our previous Community Note, we outlined some changes that came to Pokemon GO that affect your Pokemon’s effectiveness in battle. We have similar news to share today, detailing Raid Battle and move balance changes, and move set additions to the game, which you may have seen referred to in our most recent Sinnoh region update,” Niantic said via the official release notes of the new Pokemon Go update.

“For the Raid Battle changes, the featured Pokemon will now have an HP increase to offset some of the damage increases made to the attacks of other Pokemon in the last year. We hope this will provide a greater overall challenge as well as encourage Trainers to group up to win,” the company added.

Pokemon Go Receives Additional Gen 4 Pokemon And Adds Significant Battle Changes, Too

“When it comes to move balance changes and move set additions, we have been keeping an eye on how well some Pokemon are performing in battle compared to others. That means adjusting the power of some moves in Trainer Battles and giving Pokemon new moves that improve their success in matches,” Niantic added.

As for the trainer and raid battle changes that Niantic implemented recently in Pokemon Go, the company stated that the modifications in raid battle would “increase raid health for featured Pokemon in Tier 3, Tier 4, and Tier 5 Raid Battles,” while the “trainers will receive increased Stardust for completing Raid Battles.”

Also, the trainer battle moves would have damage changes. For the full release notes regarding the addition of Gen 4 Pokemon monsters in Pokemon Go and the new significant battle changes, check out PokemonGo Live, Niantic’s official Pokemon Go news portal.

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