Pokemon Go To Receive Go Snapshot, An AR Photo Mode, Finally

Pokemon Go remains a favorite game even now, about three years after its initial launch on mobile devices. With many special events, Community Day, new additions, and a lot of many other things, Pokemon Go keeps its fans glued to their smartphones in their struggle to find and catch rare Pokemon monsters. Now, we have excellent news for the players. Pokemon Go will finally receive an AR photo mode, called Go Snapshot.

Different from the already existing AR mode in the game, which allows players to snap Pokemons in the wild only if they catch these funny monsters, the new Go Snapshot AR photo mode permits gamers to take photos of the Pokemons at any time and anywhere whether they grab those monsters or not.

Even better, Go Snapshot allows Pokemon Go players to throw a Pokeball of any Pokemon creature they want and then to take photos of it to save them onto the device or immediately upload on social media.

An Improved AR Photo Mode, Go Snapshot, To Come To Pokemon Go Soon

In short, Pokemon Go will finally get a new AR photo mode, dubbed as Go Snapshot. This mode would permit players to throw a Pokeball with any Pokemon monster they want and take photos with it anywhere and at any time. But there’s more! According to a dataminer, there will also be a new badge in the game to reward those players who take a lot of pictures using Go Snapshot.

As for when would this new AR photo mode come to Pokemon Go, we don’t know yet since Niantic has not revealed anything in this regard. But we know that Niantic already tested Go Snapshot, while an initial build of this feature was even demoed last year.

However, I guess we won’t have to wait long before getting this new AR photo mode in Pokemon Go since Niantic has always released new features in the game shortly after it announced them.

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