Pokemon Go 0.135.0 Came Out For Android With Several Improvements

Pokemon Go rolled out in 2016 with fun and addictive gameplay. In Pokemon Go, you need to go out in the real world and hunt for Pokemon monsters. Once you locate one, you can catch it and evolve it into a superior character. Even though Pokemon Go launched about three years ago, the game is still very popular among the fans of the anime series, mainly thanks to Niantic, the game’s devs, which is frequently releasing updates, adding new content, and housing special events such as the Community Day when gamers can capture a Shiny version of a rare Pokemon.

And today, we’re going to talk about an update. Pokemon Go 0.135.0 came out for Android with improvements and, even though there are no visual changes or new features, this latest Pokemon Go version brings some under the hood changes.

It seems that Niantic never forgets about the Pokemon Go community. Now, right after the Pokemon Go Community Day of February 2019 during which the trainers had the chance to capture Swinub and its Shiny, and evolve the Pokemon monster into its evolution form, Mamoswine, which boasts the Rock-type attack Ancient Power as a special move, Niantic released the Pokemon Go 0.135.0 update.

Pokemon Go 0.135.0 For Android Came Out With Improvements

While Pokemon Go is a pretty stable and bug-free game, some errors still pass through, affecting some of the players. And that’s why Niantic is always careful in releasing new updates to fix any issues that might pop up in previous versions. That’s also the case with Pokemon Go 0.135.0 which launched without any new features or additions.

However, Pokemon Go 0.135.0 brings in some bug fixes and stability and performance improvements. Therefore, this latest Pokemon Go 0.135.0 is a must-have update for Pokemon Go players to enjoy a smooth, bug- and crash-free experience with this favorite mobile game.

Pokemon Go 0.135.0 is already available on Google Play Store for Android.

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