Showbox 5.27 Update Is Available With Many Changes And Novelties

For those Android users who are on a budget and can’t afford an Amazon Prime or Netflix subscription, Showbox remains the ideal solution for watching tons of movies and TV shows for free. Despite the recent legal issues the Showbox team has faced, Showbox is back with new updates. The latest, Showbox 5.27 update, is available to download, and it comes with many changes and novelties.

Besides major streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go/Now, or Amazon Prime, Showbox is entirely free to use and offers 100 percent free content. So, with Showbox, you’ll be able to watch tons of movies, TV shows and series, and lots of HD vids for free. Plus, Showbox is available for everyone from anywhere and will give access to the same content regardless of the country of a particular user.

Also, the best part of Showbox is that the team behind the app is regularly updating the platform with new features and stability and performance improvements, as well as with new high-quality content.

Showbox 5.27 Update Is Available To Download With Many Changes And Novelties

This new Showbox 5.27 update brings some changes to the GUI to fix some issues reported by the users of previous versions and also tackled some bugs regarding the floating widgets in the app’s interface, such as that allowing users to resume the last movie or TV series episode they’ve watched.

Also, the latest Showbox 5.27 fixed some loading errors, as well as some downloading issues that remained after the previous version, Showbox 5.26 rolled out. Besides, Showbox 5.27 comes with stability and performance improvements and enhanced offline features. Nonetheless, Showbox has in-app games that you can also play without an Internet connection.

If you want Showbox 5.27 on your Android device, then you should know that the app is not available on the Google Play Store. You can only download it as an APK file or directly from Aptoide. Also, it is wise to use Showbox with a VPN solution to hide your IP and watch movies and TV shows and series privately.

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