Catch Smeargle In Pokemon GO in Four Easy Steps

We’ve said about the Generation 2 Pokemon that we didn’t see at all in the game a few days ago. It’s Smeargle, the ‘Mon with the most exciting moves in the game. Niantic has finally added it in Pokemon Go v.0.135.1, with the GO Snapshot that will let you take photos of the Pokemon you have in your collection.

But did you pay attention at the game hints in the loading screen? Somebody who was lucky enough did it and posted it on the Pokemon Go Twitter post which announced the following:

Trainers, #GOsnapshot is now live for Trainers level 5 and up! ? For Trainers level 5 and below, we encourage you to keep catching Pokémon and exploring the world of Pokémon GO, as level 5 will be the minimum level for Trainers to access this feature.

During the GO Snapshot sessions, you might encounter Smeargle that will photobomb your photo. You know that this Pokemon will copy the move of another Pokemon, so choose one that has a favorite move. Here is how to catch this elusive Pokemon.

Find and Catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go

  1. Choose a Pokemon with the move you want to copy and head to the Snapshot mode.
  2. Take photos of the Pokemon.
  3. Check if the snaps were photobombed by Smeargle.
  4. If Smeargle photobombed your shot, go to the map and catch Smeargle!

After you capture Smeargle, it will have the same move which it copied from the Pokemon you kept photographing. Smeargle will only show up once a day, so if you didn’t catch it or want to catch more, you can only get one per day. Also, some players took a long time before being photobombed by Smeargle – some waited for it for 200 shots, and others caught it in just 45 snaps!

Good luck!

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