Clash Royale March Balance Update Comes With Some Significant Changes

Clash Royale is an incredibly popular mobile game, created by Supercell, the same devs behind hit mobile games such as Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars. As usually at the beginning of a new month, the games studio announced on Friday morning what players should expect Clash Royale March balance update.

The update is said to go live on Monday, March 4th, and the goal of the Finnish developers is to diversify the meta. To do that, the cards that have been out-classed for a while have been buffed by the company. The Clash Royale March balance update focuses on the Barbarian and also adjusts the deployment times for other horde creatures aside from the Barbarian.

Clash Royale March balance update would come with some significant changes

Barbarians: Hitpoints -13%, Troop Count 4 -> 5

As players have been already complaining about the price of the regular Barbarians for a while, as their win/use rate was low in competitive play, the developers decided to reduce all Barbarians’ hitpoints. That also affects Barbarian Hut, Battle Ram, and Barbarian Barrel. Furthermore, the amount of Barbarians was also increased in the original squad by 1. This change was mainly implemented to avoid the effect cars like Magic Archer and Riyal Hogs can have in the came, to be more precise, the damage.

Wall Breakers: Hit Speed 1.5sec -> 1.2sec

The dive bombers that create a daring duo is not dangerous enough for some player. The Wall Breakers will be allowed thanks to this buff to make their only an attack even quicker when it comes to reaching the tower. With that being said, if unblocked, the Wall Breakers will connect. Their power is similar to one of a Goblin Barrel so make sure you keep an eye on them.

X-Bow: Hitpoints +4%

Mortar, one of the two Siege buildings, in comparison with its more expensive cousin, has had more widespread success. The Health-per-Elixir ratio fo the Mortar is much higher than the one of the X-Bow, so to balance them our, the X-Bow will be slightly adjusted.

Besides, the Clash Royale March balance update also added death damage bomb (deals 2x Area Damage) to the Bomb Tower and 0.15sec deploy time between troops for Goblin Gang, Rascals, Bats, and Barbarians, as well.

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