Ex Raids Will Receive More Gyms in Pokemon Go

EX Raids and Pokemon Go have not had a steady relationship for the past few years, but anytime soon the system is not seen as going away. Currently, you can take advantage of the latest Deoxys form’s availability through the invite-only limited time raid system, and the special raids will be hosted by a new batch of eligible Gyms, according to the latest reports.

If you are not 100 percent sure of how EX Raids work, do not worry because we will explain it to you. Throughout the game, certain gyms have eligibility to host EX Raids. If players want to get an invite, they need to receive an invite from a Best or Ultra Friend or need to have completed a regular raid there in a specific window of time. Players are a little bit frustrated by the system, but a nice incentive seems to be the opening it up of more Gyms creating more possibilities for players to participate.

Ex Raids will receive more gyms in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go Hub broke down the rules, and here they are.

“Only one PokéStop or one Gym can exist in a Level 17 cell. There can be multiple Ingress portal in an L17 cell, but only one Point of Interest in Pokemon Go. Gyms are decided in Level 14 cells. Each level 14 cell contains 64 Level 17 cells, so up to 64 PoI in Pokemon Go. The number of PokéStops determines the number of Gyms in Pokemon Go. EX Raids are controlled by Level 13 cells. Only one gym in each Level 13 cell can host an EX raid in any given week. Level 20 cells are used to decide whether or not a gym that is on the boundary of a park is eligible for EX Raids.”

In other news, rumors regarding the next Pokemon monsters featured in the Pokemon Go April Community Day emerged on the Internet.

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