iPhone 11 New Leaks, Release Date, Features, and Prices

Apple’s iPhone 11 or however it will be called is right around the corner, and it’s a device we’re waiting to check out, considering it’s the next flagship from Apple. Let’s see everything we know about the iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 Release Date, Prices

Looking back at the release dates of the iPhones in the past seven years, we’re 100% the iPhone 11 will be released in September 2019.

How much will the iPhone 11 cost? The 2018 iPhone XS was nearly $1300 (£999), a similar price to the iPhone X. This could mean that the iPhone 11 will have a price of around $1300, and considering the smartphone prices keep going up, it will certainly not be cheaper than the iPhone XS.

iPhone 11 Specs and Features

The iPhone XS had an A12 CPU, so the iPhone 11 will surely come with an A13 CPU. The new CPU should boost the performance in the next iPhone. Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo argued that the iPhone 11 would only come with 4GB of RAM.

Other features include a bigger battery, as Ming-Chi Kuo suggested, increasing the capacity boost by 25%. This means the Qi wireless charging will be great to charge the AirPods 2.

What we will not see in the iPhone 11 will be USB-C and 5G connectivity, but the good news is that it will have a very fast Wi-Fi because it will come with the latest Wi-Fi 6, which increases data speed by 40% and it will be four times better in crowded places.

iPhone 11 Design, Display, and Camera

As for the display and design, we believe it will keep the same iPhone X design. Even though new iPhone models bring new designs, it only happens once a few generations. The last design tweak was with the iPhone X, which is only two generations old, so we might have to wait for a while to see a new design from Apple.

While we expect to see the same notch on the iPhone 11, we cannot stop but wonder if they will change it, considering the competition is moving to other designs that look much better. Here is why we hope that the iPhone 11 will change the notch.

According to a United States Patent and Trademark Office filing, Apple wants to add “apparatus, systems or methods for camera integration with cover glass and for processing cover glass to provide a camera window for an electronic device.”

However, a patent application does not need that this design will be used, and if it is indeed integrated into an iPhone, it will certainly not be the iPhone 11.

The screen sizes will remain 5.8- and 6.5-inch, and will keep the OLED tech, with Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo noting that the iPhone 11 will have a new OLED screen laminate.

The camera system on the iPhone 11 will probably come with a third camera if we are to take into account the leaks form @OnLeaks, who posted on Twitter the schematics for the back of the camera system.

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