Google Maps Update Download Available with Improved Features from Waze

We already know that Google is trying to improve Google Maps by getting some features from Waze. Since Google owns Waze, it is a simple and smarter move to do that. So the more information we have on Waze or Google Maps, the more and better users will be informed about the traffic ahead and other obstacles. The novelty on Google Maps is the fact that the company wants to use the same approach from Waze.

What New Features We Have on Google Maps from Waze?

If you are a Waze fun and haven’t tried Google Maps, maybe now is the time to give it a shot. Now Google Maps have speed limits, speed traps, reports about your current traffic experience, and warning about traffic and accidents ahead of you.  The incident report feature will be rolling out soon in Google Maps, and you will see it once the feature will be brought to your market.

However, Google Maps is a great navigation tool for public transport and daily needs. The device will give you suggestions about the fastest route to your destination, will provide navigation details about trains or buses in case you need to change them. The newest improvement is the features were Google Maps will tell you if a train or bus has available seats. This will be done with the help of other users, by asking them if the train/bus is crowded or not. Improving Google’s algorithms with this question, it improves your future journey as well.

Also, if we look back to last year, a similar feature has been announced for Sydney, and this will probably be the case to more markets in the future. So far, the feature has started to appear on Android and on iPhone from months ago. Google Maps is sending alerts on various users from different regions of the world, like the US, Europe, and Asia.

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