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How to Reduce Lag in Minecraft

Experiencing lag in Minecraft? This tutorial will show you how to reduce it.

Several Minecraft players have complained of experiencing various degrees of lags while playing the game. These lags, to a great extent, reduce the fun and excitement the online game offers, leaving gamers extremely frustrated.

The cause of this lag varies; it could be from your PC or more significantly, from the configuration of the game. In any case, we’ll be showing you some tweaks to reduce this lag.

How to Reduce Lag in Minecraft

Basically, a “lag” indicates slow response (of the system/server) to execute a given command. And while a number of reasons could be responsible for this, we’ll be looking at some of the most notorious ones vis-à-vis their respective workarounds.

  1. Check System Specs and Configuration

Minecraft is not your typical high-powered game, but it still requires a standard computer system to function properly. Hence, if you are experiencing lag in Minecraft, it could be that your computer is too old or its specs are too substandard to support the game.

For optimum performance, below are the standard system requirements of the game:

  • OS: Windows 7 (or newer)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Hard Drive: 4GB (SSD/HDD)
  • GPU: GeForce 700 Series or AMD Radeon Rx 200 Series (with OpenGPL 4.5)
  • Processor (CPU): Intel Core i5 4690 3.5GHz

If your PC falls short of the above requirements, you are bound to experience some form of lag in Minecraft. And the ultimate solution here would be to upgrade your PC, as appropriate.

  1. Check Minecraft’s Configuration

If your system’s build is standard enough to support Minecraft, and you still experience lags, the problem is probably from the game’s configuration.

To reduce lag and improve performance, configure the game’s settings as follow:

  • Performance: Max FPS
  • Graphics: Fast
  • Particles: Minimal
  • GUI Scale: Automatic
  • Smooth Lighting: Off
  • Clouds: Off
  • Render Distance: Small or Tiny
  • Difficulty: Peaceful
  • Shaders: Disabled
  • Mod: Optifine
  • TNT & Redstone: Reduced Usage
  1. Other Methods

You can try some of the tips below to further reduce lag in Minecraft:

  • Allocate more RAM to the game
  • Reduce running apps and processes on your PC
  • Troublehoot internet connection
  • Scan and clear viruses/spywares/malwares.
  • Disable PC’s ‘Aero effects’.
  • And more.

Hope you find this post useful?

By Daniel Segun

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