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How to install Extensions on UC Browser

UC browser is built on chromium, the framework on which Google Chrome is built on. Nevertheless, UC Browser users can also install their favorite chrome extension on UC browser.

This post will guide you through on how to install chrome extensions on UC browser, manage these extensions and how to uninstall/delete them when you get tired of them.

How to install chrome extensions on UC browser

Here’s how to do this:

  • Launch your UC browser from the desktop.
  • Visit the Chrome store.
  • Search for the extensions or theme you want.
  • Alternatively, you can search for the extension with a search engine like Google with a search query like ‘VPN extension for Google chrome’.
  • Each search result in the chrome store will come up with a blue button ‘Add to Chrome’ button.
  • Click on the button and a dialog box will come up, asking you to confirm that if you want the extension to be added to your browser.
  • Click on the add extension button and it’ll automatically start downloading. UC browser will download the extension and then automatically add them to your status bar.

When added for the first time, most add-ons will open a new tab to give you an idea of what the extension does and how to use them. Some will require that you sign up before continuing.

How to uninstall or delete an extension

If you’re no longer in need of an extension or if it does not perform the way you thought it should have, you may want to disable or delete such an extension from your UC browser. To delete an extension from your browser is quite easy:

  • Launch your UC browser
  • Locate the ‘Manage my Extensions’ button and click on it. This will give a dialog box showing all installed extension on the browser
  • Beside each extension, you’ll find a box checked, showing that the extension is enabled.
  • If you want to disable the extension simply uncheck the box and the extension will be disabled.
  • To delete an extension, click on the waste bin icon and the extension will be deleted from your UC browser.

When it comes to themes and extensions UC browser offers you as much as Google Chrome. As such you can use just about any theme or Google Chrome extensions on UC browser as you want. Simply follow the above tips on how to add chrome extension to UC browser and you’ll have your extension up and running within a few seconds.

Hope you find these tips helpful?

By Daniel Segun

Daniel Segun is a technology writer with over 5 years of experience. He loves to teach and inspire others. When he is not writing, he's probably busy developing websites. You can reach him here.

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