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How to Fix an iPhone Stuck In Recovery Mode

Is your iPhone stuck in recovery mode? Don’t panic, we’ll show you how to resolve this issue. You can get your iPhone out of recovery mode without losing any data.

Recovery mode is a situation where your device is not detected by iTunes. It is used to resolve numerous issues such as software error or abnormal functioning of some apps, but your device can also get stuck in the process.

Let’s look at the reasons why your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode.

Reasons Why Your iPhone Is Stuck In Recovery Mode

The common reasons why your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode is due to the following activities:

  • Incorrect Jailbreaking – Users remove restrictions so as to install awesome apps.
  • Updating IOS – When there’s no sufficient battery to carry out the process. Your device gets stuck.

Other causes include: restoring of factory settings, water damage, downgrading iOS, battery replacement etc. In cases like this, getting your iPhone out of recovery mode is your priority.

How To Fix iPhone Stuck In Recovery Mode

You should try the procedures enlisted below:

Solution 1: Manual Rebooting

You can easily get out of recovery mode with this process. The two important thing needed is your device’s home and power button. If the two buttons work fine, follow these steps to get your phone out of recovery mode:

  • Press and hold the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for about 15seconds.
  • The phone will turn off, press the power button to restart the iPhone. Then the device will get back to its normal state.

Solution 2: Use iOS System Recovery

You can use iOS System Recovery to salvage the situation. You can simply fix the issue without losing any data. It also has benefits attached to it as you can recover lost data such as messages, missed calls, contacts etc. In no time, let’s look at the steps to carry out this activity:

  • Download and Install iOS System Recovery on your PC
  • Launch the program and connect your iPhone through USB. After detecting your phone, it will display that it is in recovery mode.
  • Download Device Filmfare – Tap on “More tools” > “IOS System Recovery” > “Start Button” You will then need to download Filmfare version. After the download, the program will start to fix your device and it will get back to its normal mode.

Hope you find this helpful?

By Daniel Segun

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