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How to fix app crashes on jailbroken iOS 11

Jailbroken and currently facing those annoyingly constant app crashes on your iPhone? Well now you can fix those frequent crashes on your jailbroken iPhone following these simple tips.

Causes of app crash and how to fix them

  • App not compatible with your current OS

Your first troubleshooting step should involving checking the compatibility of the app with your device OS. While this may seem like an obvious cause and an easy fix, most users often neglect this important step.

Open your Appstore and Check if the app is compatible with your OS or the repository and check the requirements, If it’s not compatible, kindly uninstall it and check for an alternative.

  • Opposing apps installed

Not all apps play nice with one another especially those that makes use of the low-level permission (jailbreak). Some of these apps may not work well if the other is installed. As such you may want to check the timeline of the installation of various apps and see when the crashes began. Uninstall your apps chronologically starting with the newest and you’ll end up catching the culprit.

If you observe such incompatibility, you might want to send the developer an email to help them make changes to the app so that you can use them later.

  • Bad apps from an untrusted repository

One of the responsibilities that come with jailbreaking is taking care of your phone security. There are many repositories out there that you can get powerful apps from once you jailbreak your iPhone. Unfortunately, not all of them can be trusted. Some are quite dangerous. As such if you have installed an app from any repository you’re not sure of their integrity, you should definitely uninstall such app as they may be the cause of the crash.

  • Restoring from a jailbroken backup

After unjailbreaking your device, you probably have restored your files back again from a backup created from a previously jailbroken iPhone. If you find your springboard constantly crashing, this might be the culprit. To fix this, you might want to completely restore your phone and start afresh. This may seem a huge price to pay but for peace of mind, it might be your best option.

Quick troubleshooting tricks to find the apps causing crashes on your jailbroken iPhone

  • Install iCleaner app
  • Launch and click on the + sign
  • Add all the Cydia substrate add-ons
  • Toggle the switch button for the first 50% apps (if 10, turn off the first 5)
  • Close the iCleaner, respring and see if the crash still occurs. If yes then the bottom apps may be the cause of your problem.
  • Toggle half of the remaining apps, respring again and see if the crash still occurs.

Continue this process until you’re left with the app that causes the problem and then uninstall it. This should fix the crashing problem.

By Daniel Segun

Daniel Segun is a technology writer with over 5 years of experience. He loves to teach and inspire others. When he is not writing, he's probably busy developing websites. You can reach him here.

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