Pokémon Go Sales: How the Game Broke Candy Crush and Clash Royale Records?

As of now, the app celebrates its third anniversary. It has been revealed that Pokemon Go has made over $2.5 billion worldwide. 

On the 6th of July 2016, Pokemon Go was released to the public. It practically became a global phenomenon in such a short time. It is true, we are not talking about the same excitement as it was on the first day, but Pokemon is still a huge success, even if there is no hype anymore.

How popular is Pokemon Go?

According to some sources, the game has made $2.65 billion in the last three years, even if it was a free game from the very beginning. Many of the players have never also bought a single microtransaction. If we are to compare it to the first three years of other mobile games, it’s still on the top on the list. Perhaps, except for Clash of Clans, even if the game has not been launched in China yet. There are many games with Chinese and Japanese titles, like Puzzle & Dragons and Monster Strike, that, theoretically, are more significant than Pokemon Go. However, Pokemon Go still rocks.

Pokemon Go counts as a Western game because its developer, Niantic, is based in San Francisco, and Nintendo had to do little with the app. It is clear that the U.S is the primary market for Pokemon Go. It is responsible for about 35% of the gross revenues. Japan comes in the second place, with 29% and Germany on third, with 6%.

When it comes to the operating systems, 54% comes from the Google Play. 1.6% from iPads. The rest comes from the iPhone users.

In spite of its age, and without having China on its side, Pokemon Go was the 8th biggest earner of all the mobile games in June. This year, the game has already grossed $395 million.

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