Easily Compress Large PDF Files Without Hassle

Looking for a tool to compress large PDF files? Read on.

A huge PDF file size is often a problem regarding storage spaces and sharing among connections. This situation requires a simple solution: using PDF compression tools, which are widely available online. 

The Best Online PDF Compression Tool

Many PDF compression tools are available online, yet the best offers the most comfortable and most efficient method. GogoPDF is an online file converter, editor, and scanner, allowing users to be more productive. It has around 20 high-end tools that are all programmed to make file management free from stress.

It is very suitable for students, professional workers, and business people. PDF edits on images and texts, PDF compress functions for resizing and minimizing storage space consumption, and applying privacy features on PDF files, such as restrictions and passcodes, are some things that you can perform using this online file processing tool.

GogoPDF is the best online PDF compression tool that works with very well-rated customer service, taking care of customers’ demands and questions. Lastly, file formats are never a problem with GogoPDF because it supports different file types from DOCS, JPG, and even PNG. 

GogoPDF PDF Compression

PDF compressions are completed in four easy steps using the GogoPDF tool. The very first step is to choose a PDF file to compress, then GogoPDF will process your input, which could last for a few minutes, depending on the file size.

The remaining thing you have to do after all these steps is to download the compressed PDF file. Inputted PDF files could come from different storage clouds, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or you could just drag down or copy the file directly. 

Gogo PDFs Supported Browsers

GogoPDF is a versatile online compressor tool that runs in all operating systems like Linux, Mac or IOS, and Windows. Moreover, PDF compressions using this tool can be operated in a broad scope of browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. It makes it a useful tool for such a purpose. 

The Time It Takes To Complete A PDF File Compression

Unlike other PDF compressor tools, GogoPDF processes PDF inputs faster, without compromising the quality of the file. Bigger file sizes require more time, but small file sizes compress instantly. It allows you to do school or work tasks quickly; faster email sending and file uploading. The hassle is greatly lessened through GogoPDF.  

Privacy, Security and Confidentiality With GogoPDF

One thing that most PDF file compressor users are hesitant about is file privacy and security. With GogoPDF, all files are secured from intruders who might take advantage of clients’ identity and private information. 

To ensure maximum data protection, all uploaded files are auto deleted after an hour. Apart from consistent file resizing and non-compromising outputs, Service consumers’ file secrecy is Gogo PDFs top priority. 

Gogo PDFs Other Services

GogoPDF offers a lot of services, aside from PDF compression. There are six total categories where the services can be classified. These are Convert and Compress, Split and Merge, View and Edit, Sign and Security, Convert from PDF, and Convert to PDF. All of Gogo PDFs services are listed below:

  • Compress PDF
  • PDF Converter
  • Repair PDF
  • Merge PDF
  • Split PDF
  • PDF Reader
  • Edit PDF
  • Rotate PDF
  • Delete Pages
  • Share Document
  • Number Pages
  • PDF to Word Conversion
  • PDF to JPG Conversion
  • PDF to Excel Conversion
  • PDF to PPT Conversion
  • PDF to PNG Conversion
  • PDF to PDF/A Conversion
  • Word to PDF Conversion
  • Excel to PDF Conversion
  • JPG to PDF Conversion
  • PPT to PDF Conversion
  • HTML to PDF Conversion
  • Unlock PDF
  • Watermark PDF
  • eSign PDF
  • Protect PDF

How is GogoPDF Different From Others

GogoPDF is very aware of data breaches on the internet. Thus this service provider added a unique feature to ensure the safety and security of files processed in emails and sent through the internet. Moreover, It does not require any software installation and account registration; GogoPDF is internet connection reliant. Therefore, it allows the use of cloud storage. 

About GogoPDF Pro

GogoPDF provides fast service on processing PDF files. However, there are more things that you can do with GogoPDF Pro. Using the pro version allows you to manage files at the same time. It merely means that editing, securing, viewing, compressing, and converting can be done simultaneously.

Besides that, ads and non-skippable videos are disabled with a Pro account. It enables the users to consume less time and allocate all of it on file processing. You can check and try the Pro features with a 14-day trial.


GogoPDF is the best online PDF file compressor, ensuring high-quality outputs in a very reasonable processing time. This online PDF compressor tool secures privacy amongst users, removing history records after using the scanner. GogoPDF tool is one of the best online PDF tools that have a wide variety of services, allowing the users to finish more tasks.


A Quick Guide On How to Use PS1 Emulators

Here’s a quick guide on using PS1 emulators.

Many people have been looking for the best suited PS1 emulator for an Android device. The PlayStation One was released in ‘94 by Sony, has had an extreme impact on gaming, for it has been highlighted as one of the best consoles ever to be released. 

Sony released upgraded versions of the PlayStation such as PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PS4 because of opponents’ fast pace and the growing economy. The PlayStation One continues to be one of the best consoles, not only for the abundant choices of games that the PS1 offers, but it is said to be considered as one of the classic gaming consoles up to date. 

A Guide On How To Use PS1 Emulators On Android Platforms

If you want to know how a PS1 emulator on android devices work, then here are the things that you can do to utilize their software. After installing the emulator of your choice, launch it, and see whether it is a compatible software that can work well on your android devices. From there, open the data of your emulator and start running the BIOS. 

There are many sites wherein you can download ROMs of PlayStation safely from the internet. As a user, check whether the websites are reliable and safe to use. Websites like the Rom Hustler are one of the most reliable websites you can get PS1 games. This website contains a variety of popular collections of ROMs games. 

Scattered all over the internet are substantial sources wherein you can download gaming emulators. The Rom Hustler permits users to browse through and look for games on the website’s interface. Using your android phones, you can safely download the games you want. Cool ROM is another website with newly released emulators and games to choose from. 

The Development And History Of The Playstation Emulators

The history of gaming has been growing in population alongside the industry of technology: the escalation of the speed of CPUs, higher internet usage, and emulators was increasing in number. Around the years’ 95-‘97, emulation was a trend, but with the PlayStation, it started in 1998. 

In the late ‘90s, several emulators were released, such as PSEmu Pro or PSEmu, an emulator that made the plugin standard and is being used by ePSXe to date. Pskye founder in Dynamic Recompilation, it helps to improve the emulation of PS games. 

Bleem is an emulator with an enhanced graphics and gaming resolution. It runs at high speed with gaming commercials and Virtual Game, a commercial emulator for Windows and Macintosh. Compared to Bleem!, this emulator was more compatible with Windows and did complement well on graphics.

How PS1 Emulators Work On Mobile Devices

The emulator imitates the system of the Playstation, thus granting the individual to play PS1 games via an Android device. Both PC and mobile devices do not allow an individual to play PS games because the Playstation uses uncommon hardware that neither of the two technologies could decipher.

Still, with the use of an emulator, it allows PS1 games to work on both gadgets. Emulators make it accessible to the person because it takes less hassle from switching one disk to another when using the console itself. The emulator can store all the classic games on one device, making it handy to the gaming community.

Setting Up Controls On Your Mobile Devices

Many gamers prefer using their mobile phones as their gaming device because they find it more convenient than using their PCs. Setting up controls is easy if you follow these simple steps. The first thing that you should do is launch your emulator and click on the settings tab. Look for “Control Remap” and customize your controls. 

Customizing controls according to your preference is way better than using PC keyboards. Nowadays, people enjoy easy access devices for playing games and spend their leisure time. Knowing how to change and set controls to feel comfortable while playing is one thing you should know, especially when you are a user or an aspiring gamer. 

Play Games On Your TVs Through Chromecast 

Many of you might not know that playing games on your tv is possible. Connect your mobile devices to your television by plugging in the Chromecast. From there, you set the best HDMI and open the Chromecast application on your mobile devices, in this case, your android phones. 

In the gaming world, kids and adults spend most of their time trying out new and latest games, and one of the best ways to enjoy them is to play them on a larger scale. In this way, it can connect your mobile devices to your televisions for better viewing and experience. 

Launch your chosen emulator and download the necessary added plugins, and load the game you wish to play. It’s more fun to play games on a bigger screen compared to smaller or medium-sized screen displays. 

A Guide On Fixing Emulators When It Is not Working

A factor to this is the version of the Android device. It does not have the capacity applicable for emulators. PS1 emulators are made for Android devices before the 2.1 version. To review the Android device version, click the settings, then search for the above or general information, by this you may see the version of Android.


The advanced growth of technology nowadays allows us to enjoy classic PS1 games by using emulators that are created for Android. Using the PlayStation emulator allows the individual to play games on one’s computer to an Android device because it mimics the gaming console. Gaming has been made more fun if you know how to download and get games from websites. 

The PS1 emulator opens a door for the gaming community because PS games could be played without the console itself and maybe brought anywhere. Emulators’ use is beneficial for the gamer because one doesn’t have to change disks from one to another because all games could be found in a folder on your mobile device. We hope our article helps you out with using emulators. Now it’s time for you to have fun and enjoy your PS games with it!


Best Cricket Wireless Plan On Budget 2020

This post will show you the best Cricket wireless plan on budget in 2020.

Getting the right wireless plan based on your usage versus the budget you can afford to dish out every month can be such a pain to think about. Thankfully, this article has a solution for you and your needs without breaking the bank. Before we begin, let’s take some time to talk about just what makes a plan so essential rather than expendable. If you have no Wi-Fi available but cell phone service, you can still browse the internet and continue business as usual if needed.

Cell Phone plans are the means of communication in the modern century. Gone are the days we have to rely on old-fashioned mails to telephones to communicate with loved ones or do business. By having a wireless plan, you can do all these things and connect to the internet where almost all transactions or exchanges take place. However, if you’re on a budget, this could get tricky quickly; thankfully, Cricket’s solution is a game-changer. 

Let’s discuss the different plans and how much you can save when shopping and thinking properly. The article would help you know just how much you can save on a data plan and when you’re especially on a budget. 

Cricket makes you rethink your budget.

The company has provided several services from cell phone plans, data services, and more! Because of the increasing popularity of diversity in terms of data plans to be more flexible, Cricket created the best Cricket wireless plan when you’re on a budget and not planning to spend a lot monthly. At the same time, it may start as cheap as possible to give you the essentials, and if you need that extra kick in data, you can comfortably add a bit more cost to the plan for that add-on. 

The plan is simple enough by letting the customers choose between 2GB data per month up to unlimited access, starting from $30 to $60, respectively. This provides customers the means to select their usage as best as they see fit. Let’s talk about the most affordable plan first; the 2GB data is the bare minimum out of all the plans. If you aren’t a heavy user in internet usage or rely more on Wi-Fi than data, this is the perfect plan for you, because it’s quite straightforward.

$30 for a plan that can access modern speeds like 4G and 5G is beneficial for all to use. It may be cheap, but you’re getting your money’s worth in the most affordable plan out there. When going higher on the scale of the data plans, Cricket has to offer. You might be more reliant on data than Wi-Fi. This would require you to spend more on the plans than usual, but let’s briefly talk about them.

Other data plans

The other data plans Cricket has to offer at a price increase, but with a larger data cap. After the 2GB comes 10GB, Cricket Core, and the Cricket More, which allows you to have up to unlimited data caps and access to the faster speed in the modern era, 5G. 5G was recently developed as it increases the speed of 4G to ten times faster. Of course, 5G towers are few and far between in the developing countries but is no problem for Cricket subscribers. 

If you are more than one person in the household who plans to get data, then there is still a cheaper alternative in place that Cricket can provide. Cricket Core Plan, Cricket More Plan, and Stream More. These plans can give you the most affordable rates if you plan to share it with other family members or friends. How cheap? It would only cost you and your friends $100 a month for four lines, that’s $20 each per person.

What will you get with the most affordable bundle?

The 2GB plan that costs $30, as stated earlier, can provide 2 GB worth of 4G or LTE data. It cannot access the 5G speeds that the Cricket More can since it is only exclusive for that plan. Consuming the 2GB data of your plan will be reduced to only a maximum of 126 Kbps or the speed of 2G. 

If you and your friends would opt for the bundle of having four lines connected to one bill, then that would be $20 each per person per month. And there is also a way of making it even more affordable; this would entail you subscribing to Cricket’s AutoPay system, which is eligible. This would entail you to have a $5 cheaper cost of your bill. So you would be wise enough to grab it to ensure that you’re paying the bare minimum for the most affordable Cricket plan out there.


From the many plans available for Cricket customers, it’s best to know just what type of consumer you are and how important extra data is for you. If you think you do not need the excess amount of data, then 2GB is worth it. 

However, suppose you’re a heavy user in and outside your home. In that case, it might be better for you to go with the 10GB and up plans to provide you the means of a comfortable data experience without limiting your browsing experience.

Cricket is also available in Mexico and Canada, which you can do so by activating the roaming feature, but the speeds would not be as fast as when you’re living in the United States. 

So if you still are in a bind as to what is the best Cricket plan for you, this article would solve that issue. Regardless of which plan you get, the pros are all there, and the cons are as little as non-existent. It’s definitely worth the try, especially for those who want to save a few bucks monthly on their data plans, and it’s more convenient than prepaid promos and offers. 

We hope our article on Cricket wireless plans gives you an idea of their awesome offers and which ones you can avail of that’s suited for your needs.


Things You Should Learn About Samsung Game Launcher [Step Up Your Gaming]

If you love to play mobile games and have a Samsung smartphone, you need to read this article about Samsung Game Launcher. You will learn some unique features that you might not know yet, such as improving your Smartphone’s gaming performance, and more. So here are some of the things about Samsung Game Launcher.

What Is Samsung Game Launcher?

It is basically an app primarily made for all the latest Samsung smartphones. If you love playing games or even just browsing some things that might fit your liking, the Samsung Game Launcher is the app that will help with that. Though other brands also have the same platform like this one, Samsung Game Launcher is more straightforward.

So if you bought a Samsung smartphone or tablet, you could use this app, and you will definitely enjoy playing games much better than those that don’t have a game launcher.

The Samsung Game Launcher was first made available in their Galaxy S7 Smartphone, which most people might already have forgotten. There was also another app that came with it, and it is called the Samsung Gaming Tool, which you will also learn its connection with the Samsung Game Launcher, which we will discuss in the latter part.

Samsung Game Launcher and Samsung Gaming Tool were also made available on their other S series smartphones such as Galaxy S10, S20, and their Note Series smartphones. These two apps are now available on all of their smartphones, which is actually very helpful, especially for those who like to play mobile games.

How To Access Samsung Game Launcher?

Accessing the Samsung Game Launcher to your Smartphone is very easy. Access the app drawer and pull up the game launcher. If you’re having difficulties finding it, you can just search it on the “Finder Search” bar, which is usually found on the top part of the app drawer.

If in case you already tried to search it using the finder search bar yet nothing appeared, there is still one last option that you can do to find it. Go to your Smartphone settings, find the word saying Advanced Features; take your time, since sometimes it is also challenging to find. Once you are there, select the game launcher, and click the switch to enable it to your device.

Now, since you already enabled it, you can just open the Samsung Game Launcher to use it. The game launcher will now add your games to a particular folder which provides you an easier way to access all of your mobile games. 

You’ll also be given an option to hide all your games in your app drawer, which means all your games now can only be accessed using the game launcher only. So if you wanted to play your favorite games, just open the game launcher, and you’ll be able to access all of your mobile games right away.

What Is Game Tools?

You’d not be able to open Game Tools if you didn’t access the Gaming Launcher first, which means they both play a vital role with each other. To open the Game Tools from the Gaming Launcher, go to the lower-right corner of the app.

You’ll be able to access or use different controls, such as the universal slider bar. To use the universal slider bar, move or slide to the right to increase your Smartphone’s performance, although you’ll be sacrificing your Smartphone’s battery. You can also move or slide it to the left to save energy if you’re running out of battery.

Is it possible to access the Game Tool while playing a game or while you’re inside a specific game app? The answer is a huge yes! You can access the Game Tools even before you’re playing any game. Two do that, just put your two fingers on the screen and pinch or slide your two fingers towards each other.

After doing that, the Game Tool will automatically show up. The Game Tool will provide various options for you, such as block alerts, record games, take screenshots, disable screen touch, and even lock the navigation keys. You can also share those videos and pictures with your social media that you’ve taken from the game.

Pausing A Game, Taking Screenshots, And Recording Video Using Gaming Launcher

When you’re inside on a particular game, you have the option to pause or lock the screen of the game you’re playing so you can do other things, such as opening other apps. Samsung Game Launcher allows you to access up to four apps at the same time simultaneously. This feature is convenient since you can multitask even when you’re playing your favorite game. But in case you need to modify your game’s visual settings such as frame rate and resolution, you need to go out of the game first and change it using the Game Tools under Samsung’s Game Launcher.

What’s great about the Samsung Game Launcher is that it allows you to pause the game and capture screenshots and record your gameplay, which you can share with your social media. When you’re on a game, it’s quite simple to go to the Game Tool, and you will see an option there to either screenshot or record, and it will automatically save it to your album.

Samsung Game Launcher’s Progress Monitoring

If you didn’t know this yet, the Samsung Game Launcher also offers game progress monitoring, which means you will learn how great you’ve been doing in the game that you’re playing. You can also view your stats anytime you want if you want to know if you’re doing fine or not.

To access it, go to Game Launcher’s main menu and tap your profile icon, which is on the right screen side. It will then show you a chart with all the data about the games you played. You can also access a graph that shows you how much the size of a particular game, your daily or monthly data usage, and the exact date of when you downloaded it.


Samsung’s Gaming Launcher is still improving until now; Samsung wanted to provide the best experience possible for all of their mobile gamers. As of now, there is no other gaming launcher in the market that can compete with Samsung Game Launcher’s unique features.


pfSense Firewall SG-1100: All You Need to Know About NetGate’s Router/Firewall

Besides NetGate’s famous ARM-based desktop hardware, the company released a product that can be both the firewall and router at the same time called the SG-1100. A pfSense firewall software accompanies this fresh design along with tons of upgrades from its predecessor.

PfSense is a free-to-use software with an open-source program tailored to be used as both a router and a firewall. Aside from the product being a flexible and powerful firewall, it also offers an array of features for its consumers. This article will talk about everything there is to know about NetGate’s pfSense Firewall SG-1100 router/firewall.

NetGate’s pfSense SG-1100

If you’re looking for decent hardware that can protect you and yourself from cyber threats, then look no further than the Netgate SG1100. The product is compact and substantial hardware that can provide security for your network, besides making the pfSense software open source.

Moreover, NetGate is a well-established company with a goal in mind to develop products of the highest quality for the consumers. If the average consumer is looking for a gateway firewall device for their office or home as they run a connection under 500mbps, pfSense SG-1100 offers favorable features that might suit all of your needs.

About NetGate

Founded back in 2004, NetGate is a privately-held industry-leading company popularly known as a dependable provider of products that offers the highest security. The company uses two contrasting platforms called the pfsense and the tnsr. Both platforms cover an array of functionalities, support needs, and applications.

Choosing between two different platforms all depends on various requirements that a user needs. pfSense is a more suitable approach for a small amount or single locations in a network. However, on the one hand, tnsr is more suitable to protect a much more extensive network.

Choosing This Product Over Others

NetGate’s pfSense SG-1100 is an external hardware that is sleek, compact, fanless, and a much lighter form factor compared to the rest of the SG lineup. Inspecting the hardware, you’ll see a neat and clean white box with a package that speaks of elegance. Underneath the housing of the device, it has a flexible arrangement for its modules.

The product also runs on an energy-efficient and powerful network processing system named the ARMADA 3720. Additionally, the device also runs on a processor with a dual Cortex-A53 ARM chip and a considerable amount of high-speed inputs and outputs. It’s also worth mentioning that the device is based on a Marvell Espressobin blueprint.

The NetGate SG-110 can be mounted in various places, whether it’s a shelf or a desk. Aside from it’s cost-efficiency having 5x more speed and 2x more storage for RAM, the device can also be seamlessly used as an external firewall for networks up to 500Mpbs throughput, and routers speed up to 1Gbps. Anyhow, here are more key features of NetGate’s SG-1100:

pfSense Software

The pfSense software from NetGate is a network security program that’s open-source, so the software can be configured by using a web-based interface. Moreover, the software provides its users with a feature-rich firewall that’s fully dependable and cloud-based protection that functions as a commercial and expensive firewall.

The pfSense software has various uses, such as allowing users to change the packet filtering firewall, VPN router appliance, and DNS server. It can also be configured with various other devices and applications.

Packet Filtering Performance.

Packet filtering is a method used to control access to the network. You can either exit or stop depending on your packet’s source, IP address, ports, and protocols. The traffic flow is quick because it has no signature reading.

That being said, to get traffic through the firewall, you will need to open specific ports. However, there’s a catch; this kind of technology makes it both unsecured and secure at the same time. As long as no ports are open for suspicious traffic, it is safe, quick, and secure. Once a port has been opened, it will not block all malicious traffic.

Microchip Crypto Authentication Device

If ever you’re purchasing a product that uses pfSense, always check the Microchip CryptoAuthentication device. Why? Because in doing so, you’ll make sure that what you’re purchasing is running a pfSense software that’s both authentic and unaltered. This particular feature is worth mentioning as not all devices on the same lineup have this kind of guarantee.

Flexible Configuration

NetGate’s pfSense SG-1100 performs better than its predecessor by having the higher performance and capabilities. It’s due to the fact that the product follows the Marvell Espressobin architecture, which uses a computing platform in a single board. It’s as basic as it gets, yet the product can support VPN, multi-WAN, load balancing, reporting, and more.

IDS or Intrusion Detection System

With IDS or the Intrusion Detection System built-in to the device’s software, it will have the capability of detecting unwanted intrusion in real-time. This feature includes the capability of having packets pre-processed, passed to the engine for detection, and compared against common attack signatures.

IPS or Intrusion Prevention System

This technology in the SG-1100 will continuously monitor the networks that go through its firewall as it scans for any malicious threats. The feature also looks for whole packets and records the data about the cyber threats for future reference. Similar to the Intrusion Detection System, the IPS feature prevents the attacks from ever happening.

Load Balancing

Whenever there’s continuous traffic flowing and transmitting irregularly in your network through the use of the packet filtering performance, it will build a pathway to have an effective packet distribution. All of this can be done through the program’s Load Balancing feature as it evens out the traffic by dispensing it to the output ports.


The product offers some promising properties that can help consumers protect their files and themselves from cyber threats. Most of the product’s functionality focuses on the speed of the network and the computer’s memory. However, it’s an aspiring ARMADA processor with full Suricata IDS engine, gigabit routing, and many others at a cheap price. Try it out for yourself!

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