A Quick Guide On How to Use PS1 Emulators

Here’s a quick guide on using PS1 emulators.

Many people have been looking for the best suited PS1 emulator for an Android device. The PlayStation One was released in ‘94 by Sony, has had an extreme impact on gaming, for it has been highlighted as one of the best consoles ever to be released. 

Sony released upgraded versions of the PlayStation such as PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PS4 because of opponents’ fast pace and the growing economy. The PlayStation One continues to be one of the best consoles, not only for the abundant choices of games that the PS1 offers, but it is said to be considered as one of the classic gaming consoles up to date. 

A Guide On How To Use PS1 Emulators On Android Platforms

If you want to know how a PS1 emulator on android devices work, then here are the things that you can do to utilize their software. After installing the emulator of your choice, launch it, and see whether it is a compatible software that can work well on your android devices. From there, open the data of your emulator and start running the BIOS. 

There are many sites wherein you can download ROMs of PlayStation safely from the internet. As a user, check whether the websites are reliable and safe to use. Websites like the Rom Hustler are one of the most reliable websites you can get PS1 games. This website contains a variety of popular collections of ROMs games. 

Scattered all over the internet are substantial sources wherein you can download gaming emulators. The Rom Hustler permits users to browse through and look for games on the website’s interface. Using your android phones, you can safely download the games you want. Cool ROM is another website with newly released emulators and games to choose from. 

The Development And History Of The Playstation Emulators

The history of gaming has been growing in population alongside the industry of technology: the escalation of the speed of CPUs, higher internet usage, and emulators was increasing in number. Around the years’ 95-‘97, emulation was a trend, but with the PlayStation, it started in 1998. 

In the late ‘90s, several emulators were released, such as PSEmu Pro or PSEmu, an emulator that made the plugin standard and is being used by ePSXe to date. Pskye founder in Dynamic Recompilation, it helps to improve the emulation of PS games. 

Bleem is an emulator with an enhanced graphics and gaming resolution. It runs at high speed with gaming commercials and Virtual Game, a commercial emulator for Windows and Macintosh. Compared to Bleem!, this emulator was more compatible with Windows and did complement well on graphics.

How PS1 Emulators Work On Mobile Devices

The emulator imitates the system of the Playstation, thus granting the individual to play PS1 games via an Android device. Both PC and mobile devices do not allow an individual to play PS games because the Playstation uses uncommon hardware that neither of the two technologies could decipher.

Still, with the use of an emulator, it allows PS1 games to work on both gadgets. Emulators make it accessible to the person because it takes less hassle from switching one disk to another when using the console itself. The emulator can store all the classic games on one device, making it handy to the gaming community.

Setting Up Controls On Your Mobile Devices

Many gamers prefer using their mobile phones as their gaming device because they find it more convenient than using their PCs. Setting up controls is easy if you follow these simple steps. The first thing that you should do is launch your emulator and click on the settings tab. Look for “Control Remap” and customize your controls. 

Customizing controls according to your preference is way better than using PC keyboards. Nowadays, people enjoy easy access devices for playing games and spend their leisure time. Knowing how to change and set controls to feel comfortable while playing is one thing you should know, especially when you are a user or an aspiring gamer. 

Play Games On Your TVs Through Chromecast 

Many of you might not know that playing games on your tv is possible. Connect your mobile devices to your television by plugging in the Chromecast. From there, you set the best HDMI and open the Chromecast application on your mobile devices, in this case, your android phones. 

In the gaming world, kids and adults spend most of their time trying out new and latest games, and one of the best ways to enjoy them is to play them on a larger scale. In this way, it can connect your mobile devices to your televisions for better viewing and experience. 

Launch your chosen emulator and download the necessary added plugins, and load the game you wish to play. It’s more fun to play games on a bigger screen compared to smaller or medium-sized screen displays. 

A Guide On Fixing Emulators When It Is not Working

A factor to this is the version of the Android device. It does not have the capacity applicable for emulators. PS1 emulators are made for Android devices before the 2.1 version. To review the Android device version, click the settings, then search for the above or general information, by this you may see the version of Android.


The advanced growth of technology nowadays allows us to enjoy classic PS1 games by using emulators that are created for Android. Using the PlayStation emulator allows the individual to play games on one’s computer to an Android device because it mimics the gaming console. Gaming has been made more fun if you know how to download and get games from websites. 

The PS1 emulator opens a door for the gaming community because PS games could be played without the console itself and maybe brought anywhere. Emulators’ use is beneficial for the gamer because one doesn’t have to change disks from one to another because all games could be found in a folder on your mobile device. We hope our article helps you out with using emulators. Now it’s time for you to have fun and enjoy your PS games with it!

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Sony Dropped Out Of E3 2019 – Here’s Why, As Explained By Shawn Layden

Last year, in an announcement that shocked the gaming community, to some extent, Sony dropped out of E3 2019, stating, back then, that it would make some big statements about its future plans before the E3 event of this year. However, we didn’t receive a decent explanation of why Sony decided to move out of E3 2019 until now when PlayStation’s Shawn Layden came out to give more details.

“When we decided to take video games out of CES, back in 1995 during the PlayStation 1 era, E3 served two constituencies – retailers and journalists (…) There was a huge educational component (…) And there was no internet to speak of. So a trade show at that time of year for this nascent industry was exactly what we needed to do,” said Shawn Layden.

“So the trade show became a trade show without a lot of trade activity. The world has changed, but E3 hasn’t necessarily changed with it,” he continued.

Here’s Why Sony Dropped Out Of E3 2019, According to Shawn Layden

“Now we have an event in February called Destination PlayStation, where we bring all retailers and third-party partners to come to hear the story for the year. They’re making purchasing discussions in February. June, now, is just too late to have a Christmas holiday discussion with retailers. So retail has really dropped off. And journalists now, with the internet and the fact that 24/7 there is game news, it’s lost its impact around that,” Layden added.

On the other hand, “PlayStation fans mean the world to us and we always want to innovate, think differently and experiment with new ways to delight gamers. As a result, we have decided not to participate in E3 in 2019. We are exploring new and familiar ways to engage our community in 2019 and can’t wait to share our plans with you,” said Sony’s representatives for Variety last year when the company announced that it will not participate at E3 2019.

In conclusion, Sony dropped out of E3 2019 because the most significant game fair of the year is not anymore suitable for Sony’s plans. So, the Japanese company decided to come up with their own trade shows, focused on PlayStation, mostly.

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Microsoft To Acquire A Medium-Sized Game Studio That Previously Worked On PlayStation Titles

Now, in the last month of the year, Microsoft has struggled to acquire some of the most potent studios in the video games industry. The most recent deal the tech giant pulled off has been the purchase of Obsidian Games, the creators of favorite games like Fallout: New Vegas or Pillars of Eternity. Obsidian joins a good sack of studios with a lot of potential where it shares the fame with Ninja Theory, also acquired by Microsoft. Now, Microsoft plans to purchase a game studio that previously developed PlayStation titles.

A Twitter user named “Klobrille” already gave information in the past regarding these negotiations, and, now, he has revealed something of great interest for the video games industry.

“Let’s make this Monday a little more interesting. I can say that Xbox is in advanced conversations (since a few months ago) with a medium-sized studio that has historically worked on several occasions with PlayStation [Sony]. I won’t give up any names as the negotiations are still going on, but it’s interesting nonetheless,” Klobrille said on Twitter.

Microsoft To Acquire A Medium-Sized Game Studio That Previously Worked On PlayStation Titles

As it’s about a medium-sized studio, several names are on the table. One of the most consensual occurrences according to the gaming community is Ready At Dawn, a studio responsible for The Order: 1886 or several God of War (Chains of Olympus and Ghosts of Sparta) titles for PlayStation Portable (PSP).

At the moment, that just a rumor, but the community has already started to think about the information revealed by Klobrille. Insomniac Games was also mentioned on several portals and forums, but the studio’s spokespersons denied it.

No matter what medium-sized studio is in question here, it comes at a good time because Microsoft recently claimed it would unleash the creativity of their studios, giving them total freedom to fulfill their “wildest dreams.”

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PlayStation Offers $10 in Free PSN Credits

Recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment launched several programs to help gamers save their money. So, after the launch of another successful Flash Sale, Sony decided to offer $10 in free PSN credits. The information emerged yesterday after many PS owners received a surprising email from the Japanese company, announcing them they received free credits to use in PlayStation Store.

If you’re wondering what’s the catch here, then you should know that there is no trick and you should not do something to get the $10 free PSN credits. However, not every PS owner will receive the free money, but Sony did not disclose how they choose who gets the bonus. Apparently, Sony uses the same scheme as in its previous giveaways.

Even though you did not get the free PSN credits yet, you still have time to get the bonus from Sony until October 5th. However, it seems that this offer is only available across the United States.

PlayStation offers $10 in free PSN credits until October 5th, while the Flash Sale ends today

As I’ve already mentioned, the $10 in free PSN credits bonus is exactly what it is – free money. You can use the credits as you want, and if you buy two or more of the selected games, you’ll get $15 instead of $10.

In other news, Sony will end its currently ongoing Flash Sales today, September 24th. Thus, today is your last chance to grab some of the selected games which include:

  • Fighting Ex Layer (Light Version) – $27.99
  • Fighting Ex Layer (Standard Version) – $41.99
  • Space Hulk: Deathwing Enhanced Edition – $23.99
  • Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition – $29.99
  • Tacoma – $7.99
  • Far Cry Primal: Digital Apex Edition – $16.49
  • Far Cry Primal – $14.99
  • Far Cry 3 Classic Edition – $17.99
  • MLB The Show 18 – $19.99
  • MLB The Show 18 All-Star Edition – $24.99
  • MLB The Show 18 Digital Deluxe Edition – $39.99
  • Hello Neighbor – $22.49
  • Sonic Mania Encore DLC – $3.74
  • Dark Souls Remastered – $27.99
  • Star Wars Battlefront II – $9.99
  • Earthfall – $22.49
  • Earthfall: Deluxe Edition – $29.99
  • Sega Genesis Classics – $22.49
  • Steep: Winter Games Edition – $14.99
  • Unravel Yarny Bundle – $20.99
  • Vampyr – $40.19
  • Yakuza 6: The Song of Life – $35.99
  • Adventure Times Pirates of the Enchiridion – $29.99
  • Wizards of Legend – $12.79
  • Syberia 3 – $14.99
  • Surviving Mars – $23.99
  • New Gundam Breaker – $44.99
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