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Teamfight Tactics New Patch Available from Riot

In recent years the success of a particular mod or game modeled to the appearance of new video games genres.  For example, the popularity of League of Legends and Dota 2 encouraged many developers and publishers to release MOBA games. Overwatch sparked the hero shooter genre while PUBG ushered the era of the battle royale.

Earlier in 2019, a new mod started to become popular among Dota 2 players. The mod, which is known as Auto Chess, pits eight players in a strategic turn-based battle inspired by chess. With the popularity of 8 million players in less than six months after release, the mod led to the appearance of the auto battler genre.

Riot saw the potential of the new genre and decided to create and release their take on the genre. Teamfight Tactics was released as a secondary mode included within the League of Legends client. It features missions and objectives along with normal and ranked queues, allowing players to compete with the aim of remaining the last one standing.

As expected, the model is a bit less complicated than the competition, but it manages to retain many of the elements which made Auto Chess a hit among fans. Players will choose a starting champion and built their team over time, creating a solid party which can take down even the most ferocious threats.

The latest Teamfight Tactics version is now available, and it adds a few changes to the games. It is not as big as other updates, but there are some modifications which could alter the efficiency of specific team compositions.

The stats of a few champions have been adjusted as Elise, and Veigar received a boost while Karthus, Kayle, Pyke, and Rengar have been nerfed. A few items were also nerfed, including the Guardian Angel,  and Morellonomicon.  A selection of bug fixes was also implemented, improving the gameplay experience.

The full changelog is available on the official website.

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Changing Your Skype Username Has Never Been Easier

Skype is one of the most trustworthy apps out there. Many people remained loyal to the chatting app. And we fully understand them, they have fun experiences, and they are pleased with the quality of the app. However, not many know how to handle it properly. For example, many don’t know how to change the username on this app. We come with answers.

From PC

Whether you’re using Mac or Windows, you only need to have the Skype desktop app on your computer. First, you need to open the app. Then, click on your profile picture or your username. They are both placed in the top-left corner. From there, you will see a section called “Manage,” look for the Skype profile option and go there. You will see your username and your profile picture. Next, to them, there’s a pencil icon on the right side. Click on it. Now, all you need to do is to enter your new username and then save it.

From your phone

To change it from your phone, first, you need to open the app. Then, your profile picture is placed in the middle of the screen. Click on it. After doing so, you will get a profile management section. You need to look for the “Skype Profile” option, then tap on it. Then, you’ll see a username and a pencil right next to it. Tap on the pencil to change your username, add a new one, then save.

From Web

To change it from the Web, you need to sign-in to your Skype account from the website. Your name will appear on the top right of the screen. Get your mouse pointer on it, and then you’ll see a drop-down menu. Go to My Account, and then scroll down on the page and look for the contact details. There will be an Edit Profile option – tap on it. In the text box that says name, enter the new name, then click on the Save button. Then all you need to do is to press ok for confirmation.

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Top Advantages of Installment Loans

Not everyone is lucky to have a massive net of cash. From time to time, you may need a lending hand to come through and help solve your financial struggles. You may face unexpected expenses such as medical bills, car repairs, school fees, and other bills that will leave you short of funds. In such situations, applying for a loan is the only thing that comes to your mind. Unfortunately, you might have a bad credit score, which makes it even harder for you to secure funds.

How do you go about such a situation? Luckily, you can now get installment loans for bad credit in Delaware, which allows you to qualify for a loan regardless of your credit status. These loans will enable you to get money quickly, especially in cases of emergency, and they are the best for those who want fast money access but cannot afford to repay the loan in full or in one lump sum. The loans are repaid over an extended term where you can pay it in small scheduled payments.

The installment loans offer a range of benefits, which include:

You get a high loan amount

Installment loans allow you to repay the debt in longer terms, and with this, most lenders are willing to provide higher amounts. You can get enough funds to help you cover high-amount emergencies and give you enough cash flow between the repayment dates. The loans feature high amounts combined with flexible and manageable repayment terms, which minimizes the risk of having to take multiple loans for you to get the quantity that you need. Getting multiple loans puts you at risk of struggling with repayments, and in the end, you might not be able to pay them all. This puts your credit score at a worse place than its current position.

Quick funding and manageable payment terms

Most of these loans are approved in less than 24 hours, which make them the best choice for those in need of emergency funds. Take an example of unexpected medical bills, or a time when your car breaks down unexpectedly, and you need fast cash to settle the expenses. Installment loans are approved within a short time, and the best part is that you’re given flexible payment terms. The repayment terms are tailored to suit your capacity, and you can rest assured that you will not struggle with it.

Super safe and confidential

The installment loans are exclusively applied and approved online, which is a super safe and secure way of getting the funds. The lenders use top-notch technology to ensure that the client’s information is safe and protected from third parties. Also, you can carry out the repayment online, and the whole application and repayment process will only take you a few minutes, and you’re good to go.

Helps you build your credit score

Loans are accessible even to those with a poor credit score. Lenders give chances to everyone, and you can take advantage of this to improve your credit score. Based on the fact that the loans require several repayments and the repayment terms are manageable, you will be in a position to make payments on time. This will help you create a positive history of timely repayments. As long as you maintain healthy credit building practices and don’t default on any other payments and by then, you will qualify for other loan types.

Reliable interest rates

Installment loans feature fixed interest rates that do not fluctuate throughout the life of the loan. These are attractive since you do not have to worry about increasing interest rates in case of more extended repayment periods. Interest fluctuation results in a higher monthly payment and this can adversely affect your finances. With installment loans for bad credit in Delaware, you know exactly what to pay for each period, and the amount changes minimally.

Other than the installment loans allowing you to acquire financial assistance even with bad credit, you will enjoy a range of other amazing benefits from applying for the loans. They are super convenient, and you can apply at any time. You do not have to go all the way to the lender to discuss your needs and get the funding. Make a point to download and install an online installment loan app on your phone and get instant assistance.

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Gears 5 – Here’s Everything About The Game As Revealed During E3 2019

Gears of War is, without a doubt, one of the most popular video games series among those who love the third-person shooter genre. The first entry in the series, Gears of War, was published in 2006 for the Xbox 360 and a port for Microsoft Windows was released in 2007. Years have passed, and we’re now waiting for Gears 5, the next installment in the series. Microsoft presented more details on the game during E3 2019, and here’s everything we know.

The original game was conceived by and developed by Epic Games, and the legendary Cliff Bleszinski was the lead designer. The initial concept was named Unreal Warfare, a name which hints that the title was envisioned as a possible Unreal Tournament spin-off. While the title didn’t come with significant innovations, the amount of polish and the excellent gameplay experience attracted near-universal acclaim from reviewers and players alike. Three sequels and a prequel were released by 2016.

A large number of details about Gears 5 was shared during Microsoft’s E3 2019 conference. A noticeable change can be spotted when you look at the name since the ‘’of War’’ part has disappeared.

Here’s Everything About Gears 5 As Revealed During E3 2019

Gears 5 Release Date

Microsoft announced that the game would be released on September 1th0, 2019, three days before the anticipated release of Borderlands 3.

The storyline of Gears 5

The title will continue the story introduced by Gears of War 4, with the return of the main protagonists – JD, Marcus Fenix, Kait Diaz, and Delmon Walker. At one point Kait and Demon will follow a lead which may offer more information about Kait’s Locust legacy. Kait will play a significant role in the narrative, and head of The Coalition stated that the story mode would be the longest in the series.


At E3, a large variety of in-game enemies were teased. The Locust remain the main antagonist, and one of them sported a gory look in the form of a fleshy amalgamation of bits stolen from other enemies.

Competitive multiplayer

Players will get a chance to the multiplayer “versus” mode experience on July 17th. Those who pre-order the title or opt for the Game Pass will enjoy first dibs of the competitive multiplayer that Gears 5 would offer.

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New Brawl Stars Balance Changes – June

Brawl Stars players, get ready to see some nerfs and buffs coming to the game today!

A new balance update will come today after a quick maintenance, as mentioned by the official Brawl Stars Twitter account a couple of hours ago. A lot of Brawlers will get buffed today, let’s check them out!

Let’s check out all the details provided by the Brawl Stars blog below. We will separate the Brawlers into three categories: NERFED, BUFFED, and BALANCED.



  • Main attack damage decreased to 580 (from 640)
  • Star Power projectile speed buff decreased to 13% (from 16%)


  • Super range decreased by 15% – to 7.66 tiles (from 9 tiles)
  • “When Gene pulls an enemy, it interrupts the healing process of the enemy”


  • Main attack damage decreased  to 460 (from 480)
  • “Now needs 11 hits from Main attack instead of 10 to fully Charge up Super”



  • Main attack damage increased to 520 (from 500)
  • “Now needs 10 hits from Main attack instead of 11 to fully Charge up Super”


  • Super damage increased to 2200 (from 2000)


  • Star Power damage bonus increased to 50% (from 40%)
  • Star Power duration increased to 12 seconds (from 10 seconds )


  • Main attack reload time decreased to 2.4s (from 2.5s)


  • “Star Power now targets close by enemies instead of randomly shooting everywhere*”


  • Main attack and Super damage increased to 320 (from 300)
  • Star Power damage bonus increased to 100 (from 80)


  • Star Power slow duration increased to 3.0s (from 2.5s)



  • Health increased  to 4400 (from 4200)
  • Star Power speed boost decreased  to 15% (from 19%)
  • “Hits a bit easier with the main attack if the enemy is very close to Bibi*”
  • “Bibi no longer consumes home run bar when using super to kick the ball.*”


  • Health increased to 4600 (from 4200)
  • Star Power shield protection amount decreased to 30% (from 40%)


Minecart Madness:

  • “Train moves slower and spawns less frequently (change only affects online games*)”

All changes with a * work in online games, added the Brawl Stars team in their blog post, explaining that they will not show up in “solo in Friendly game room,” but the effects will be added there in the next client update.

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