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Benefits of Real Estate Investments

Nowadays, there are tons of people who invest their wealth in real estate. They aim to let their money work today so that it will increase in the future. Investors say that real estate investment could be beneficial for an additional income stream.

Based on 2019 statistics, the real estate covers 60% of the world’s mainstream properties. It’s a very significant part of the national, corporate, and personal wealth around the world. Nowadays, most real estate investors know how to make money with Airbnb. They let tourists enjoy their apartments while on vacation. It’s a short-term rental business that can bring them additional money.

Most business people will say that real estate investment is like playing monopoly. You have to understand and study the possible risks that you might experience. You also have to buy properties and generate rent to buy even more properties and avoid bankruptcy.

However, keep in mind that this situation is not simple and easy. You have to remind yourself that there is a wide range of inconveniences along the way. You have to be prepared.

Before you invest your wealth in real estate, you need to understand the basics of a real estate investment first. This article is ready to provide you with broad information on how to begin your investment.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Real Estate?

  • Leverage

One of the best benefits of real estate investors is their ability to leverage their capital several times. They can borrow funds from lending companies and use it to invest in a new real estate that will give them a continuous flow of money.

  • Tax Advantages

Real estate investors have tax benefits. Their taxes are lower than employment income because the government considers real estate profits as capital gains. The tax basis of real estate investors decreases with time because of real estate depreciation.

  • Control

Having a real estate investment allows you to enjoy your wealth. You can purchase stocks or mutual funds that will increase its value in the long run. You can also improve your properties with your profits to attract more clients. You can buy laundry machines that are very useful for tourists. If you’re considering investing in real estate, you’ll want to learn more about houses for sale in Florida that will suit your needs and preferences. Discover the benefits of real estate investment and find your ideal Florida property today.

How Can You Invest in Real Estate without Purchasing a Property?

Some people out there also dream of making money out of their apartments. Therefore, they join “home-sharing” websites to start their journey in real estate investment.

If you have an apartment with extra bed space, listing it to a “home-sharing” website is an excellent idea. If you’re living in an apartment that has a $50 rate per day, you can rent your vacant room for tourists and earn more or less $200 per day. With repeated strategies, you’re sure to make quite a bit of money.

There are tons of tourists everywhere. This real estate opportunity is an excellent side hustle that can give you six figures per year. So, why not shape your own Airbnb empire today? You can find out how to make money with Airbnb once you conduct broader research.

You’re sure to find tons of companies that offer expert training and coaching to help you build your rental empire without buying any property. They are willing to give you all the effective strategies to become a successful entrepreneur. This strategy can help you achieve your dream of financial freedom.

News Real Estate

Vidmate Vs. Videoder Vs. Tubemate – Similarities And Differences

There are dozens of online video downloaders, but some of the most popular ones are Vidmate, Videoder, Tubemare, and Snaptube. Today we’re going to talk about the similarities and differences between Vidmate, Videoder, and Tubemate.

Vidmate Vs. Videoder Vs. Tubemate – Similarities

There are not many differences between Vidmate, Videoder, and Tubemate, so, to start with, let’s see the similarities between these online video downloaders.

All these apps are only available on Android, as APK files, and none of them is available on the Google Play Store due to Google’s policies regarding copyright infringement. Also, Vidmate, Videoder, and Tubemate allow users to download online videos from a multitude of sites and streaming platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LiveLeak, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and DailyTube, among others.

Besides, all these three apps are also permitting us to download only the soundtracks of the videos, allowing us to complete our music or podcasts libraries.

Vidmate Vs. Videoder Vs. Tubemate – Differences

The differences between Vidmate, Videoder, and Tubemate, even though not as many as the similarities between them, are essential for users to know which one is suitable for their purposes.

Accordingly, it’s important to note that TubeMate allows users to download videos from playlists on streaming platforms, but Videoder permits us to download an entire playlist at once. In addition to that, Videoder comes with a “copy link detection tool” that recognizes when users copied a link to a media file. Thus, Videoder will ask you if you want to download the file.

Nonetheless, Vidmate is providing access to about 200 live TV channels, while it also allows users access to memes and to create memes for themselves.

Vidmate Vs. Videoder Vs. Tubemate – Conclusions

It is challenging to choose between these three excellent online video downloaders because Vidmate, Videoder, and Tubemate are all sharing some great features. However, regarding popularity, Vidmate is the leader, plus that it offers access to about 200 live TV channels, a feature that the other two apps are not boasting.

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Ripple (XRP) Accepted As Cryptocurrency Payment Method On Propy For A $16 Million Property In Silicon Valley

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP) are the most popular among crypto enthusiasts and now they are all accepted as payment methods for the acquisition of 27 acres of land in Los Gatos, in California, as recently Ripple (XRP) has been accepted by Propy Inc as a cryptocurrency payment method.

Any announcements with regard to the adoption of cryptocurrency are particularly appreciated in this period of turmoil in the cryptocurrency market that has witnessed Bitcoin (BTC) drop to its current record low of $7,000. BTC is now trading at $7,241, at the time of this article. On the other hand, Ethereum (ETH) is currently traded at $533 and Ripple (XRP) is down to levels under 60 cents and quoted at $0.57.

Via Propy Inc, a real estate business committed to addressing cross-border real estate purchase challenges, a property appraised at $16 million may be acquired with BTC, ETH or XRP.

Propy Inc accepted Ripple (XRP) as a new cryptocurrency payment method for a $16 million property

The announcement has been made via a tweet on the official Propy Inc page on the social networks, which reads:

Great news! We added XRP as a cryptocurrency accepted at Propy, starting with a rare investment opportunity to acquire one of the last large pieces of city land in Silicon Valley! $, BTC, ETH and now #XRP are accepted. The offer is exclusive on #propy:

The property listed on the Propy Inc’s website features a thorough description of what it offers and also admits the acceptance of Ripple (XRP) as a cryptocurrency payment method, along with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

BITCOIN & ETHER and XRP ACCEPTED! Welcome to Los Gatos! Located on Shannon Road, this rare 27-acre site near the top of Los Gatos is now for sale.

This property is the first on Propy to accept cryptocurrency payment in Ripple (XRP) but the real estate company is optimistic other properties will follow.

According to the current XRP value against the USD, one would need around 27,9 million Ripple (XRP) to acquire the property.

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A 14-storey housing co-op will be built in the shadow of the Bell Center

The Montagne verte cooperative has 136 units in a single building. A project that has been going for 11 years, but whose construction has just been authorized by the City of Montreal.

The 14-storey building will be built right in the city center, just behind the Bell Center, at the intersection of the streets of La Montagne and Saint-Jacques.

There are certainly larger cooperatives. For example, that of Cloverdale Village, in the Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough, has 866 housing units in about fifty buildings built over a 20-year period.

A project in a single building, like the Montagne verte cooperative, is unheard of in Montreal.

The project changed location twice before reaching a site in the City of Montreal that adjoins a ramp off the Ville-Marie tunnel.

As a result, a lot of approvals from the Department of Transport and the City have been required because there is a large water pipeline nearby.

This explains in part the delays, explains the general director of the CDH Group, Alain Tassé, while emphasizing that this type of project always takes several years to materialize.

There are still some steps to be taken at the municipal planning committee, but the first shovel should be next winter. “If all goes well, February or March 2019. In this corner. The main thing is over, “says Tassé.

The cooperative’s construction budget is $19 million. Half comes from grants, mainly from the AccèsLogis program. The other half will come from a mortgage which will then be paid by the rents of the members of the coop.

Financing social housing is always a challenge in Quebec. The standards require that buildings have bedrooms that are often larger than what is built in the private sector. The buildings must also comply with NovoClimat standards, which the private sector is not obliged to do.

The scarcity of land in Montreal is also an important issue. For example, the Montagne verte cooperative will occupy all the land on which it will be built. There will be no court.

To compensate for this lack of space, the project architect, Douglas Alford, wanted to build a terrace on the roof of the building, but was told that it was not acceptable.

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Regional flights: Air Canada cuts fares

Some 300 elected officials and business people are meeting in Lévis today to try to improve air service to the regions and lower the exorbitant cost of tickets. Ottawa is counting on the arrival of new players to bring down prices. But already, Air Canada is revising its rates.

Criticized for years for the high price of flights in Quebec, Air Canada revises its pricing. The carrier lowers the cost of regional flights for frequent travelers and business travelers.

The company, which holds a monopoly on several routes in Quebec, has been under intense pressure from the political community for several months. Elected officials, particularly those in the regions, denounce the exorbitant cost of intra-Quebec flights.

After talks with the Quebec Federation of Municipalities (FQM), Air Canada revised some prices down. The announcement will be confirmed today at the Regional Air Transport Summit in Lévis.

Travelers will be able to purchase 10 or 30 one-way packages to take advantage of volume savings. The formula already existed, but the cost is going down, and the number of links where the formula is offered is increasing. A Gaspé-Québec flight will cost $ 249 instead of $ 476 as it currently does.

This is Air Canada’s second rate adjustment in recent months. Last fall, the company lowered the price of tickets purchased several weeks in advance for regional connections.

The Mayor of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Jonathan Lapierre, is also vice-president of the FQM. He welcomes Air Canada’s decision, but feels there is still work to be done to improve air service to the regions.

“It’s not because we get winnings today that the battle is definitely won. “

– Jonathan Lapierre

For many years, municipal officials have been denouncing the high cost of air transport as a brake on tourism and economic development in the regions. They point to taxes and fees imposed by airports on airlines, which are passed on to consumers in ticket prices.

They urge governments to reduce sales taxes on regional flights, as some provinces do, and to improve airport infrastructure support programs.

The Mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté, is responsible for the file at the Union des municipalités du Québec. He expects government announcements at today’s summit.

“I expect that we will put the main solutions on the table and identify the main solutions,” said Mr. Côté.


New air carriers could soon serve the regions of Quebec, says Federal Minister Marc Garneau, who believes that the measures put in place by his government will stimulate competition and lower the price of flights. In interview at La PresseOn the eve of the Regional Air Summit, Mr. Garneau warned that he does not intend to adopt specific measures to lower the cost of domestic flights in Quebec. So there is no question of capping the price of tickets or imposing a floor price, as the opposition parties in Quebec claim. “Competition is what drives the greatest choice, the supply of destinations and lower prices,” said the minister. I will try to do that because it is something that I can control at the federal level. Last year, the Trudeau government introduced a bill that will increase the share of a Canadian air carrier that can be held by foreign investors from 25% to 49%. This measure should allow the


The elected officials denounce the high cost of air transport to the regions, no government measure has been able to address the problem so far, agrees Jacques Roy, professor at HEC Montreal. The problem is simple, he says: travelers are too few to travel to Sept-Îles, Gaspé or Rouyn-Noranda. “The cost to fly a plane is very high and this cost decreases with the number of seats that can be put in an airplane,” he says. When we talk about regional transportation, we use smaller planes. And a smaller plane, it costs more per seat than a bigger one. In his view, there are two options available to decision makers: subsidizing domestic flights or stimulating competition.


(Departure on February 5th, return on February 9th *)

In Quebec

Montreal – Gaspe $ 900.54

Montreal – Rouyn-Noranda $ 907.44

Montreal – Sept-Îles $ 770.62

Montreal – Îles-de-la-Madeleine $ 861.45


Montreal-Beijing $ 682.65

Montreal-Paris $ 659.98

Montreal-New York $ 374.62

* Search from the Google Flight search engine yesterday

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