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John McAfee Got Involved In Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Technology And Thinks Cryptos Will Change Everything

Politics, ethnicity, and religiosity could be some of the acceptable themes to talk over with John McAfee. However, if you are suspicious of Fintech in general and blockchain in particular, it would be wise to stay quiet.

McAfee, the computer developer and entrepreneur behind the multi-million dollar computer software company that carries his name, strongly trusts that cryptocurrency and blockchain, the technology that keeps all cryptocurrencies function, will utterly wipe out life as we understand it.

The blockchain is a gateway that can safely authenticate transactions and entities via a network of many decentralized repositories. It’s a brand-new approach to dealing with each other as the gateway can confidently track who you’re trading with and trace the source and the path of anything you’re trading.

Over the past 10 years, a number of bizarre occurrences have involved McAfee (the man) in a wide range of contentious issues, from outrageous allegations of murder in Belize to a short-lived run for the United States presidency.

John McAfee, knee-deep into cryptocurrency and blockchain technology world, think cryptos will change everything from jobs to governments

Now, he has embarked with all his energy on a journey within the universe of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and sells promotional tweets on his official Twitter account for just $105,000 dollars per tweet. McAfee has mentored or partnered with about 17 cryptocurrency businesses but its newest project is Docademic.

Docademic is John McAfee’s business that is dedicated to giving virtual access to clinicians worldwide by using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology for free.

Furthermore, McAfee thinks that, somewhen in the future, blockchain and cryptocurrency will force all the countries’ governments in the world to struggle for raising tax money for their budget. He meant that cryptos will take over fiat and governments “will not know where the money is, who has it and where it’s been transferred to.”

John McAfee also considers that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will change how the jobs will be done in the future as many people will have no bosses, no banks to work with, no retirement. Cryptos will replace everything we know today, according to McAfee.

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