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F1 Mobile Racing Game Update Comes with Improved Features

This multiplayer racing game is under the official Formula 1 license and was developed by Eden Games and Codemasters Software. F1 Mobile Racing has included all teams, cars, and circuits from the 2018 season. F1 Mobile Racing is a car racing game in which players are able to design however they want their cars. It is available on Android and iOS devices.

Here is a list with F1 Mobile Racing game features:

  • It is really easy to modify your car to get it the way you always wanted. Players can change de colors or add stickers to personalize it more. All the cars can be customized and modify by the players preferences in order to make it better for the race or to look better.
  • The powers and the car can be upgraded with the Research and Development system. If you learn all the features of your car that makes its performance much better in the race, it will be easier for you to know where to invest. There are many tricks and techniques for boosting the performance of your car, you just have to search and develop them.
  • F1 Mobile Racing game has the multi-player feature to make it more competitive. For this option, you have to pass three different levels, and by winning the race you automatically raise in the higher leagues.
  • This game has great mechanics and visuals and it is full of energy,
  • The Career Mode allows you to totally choose your favorite avatar and the limit of number of players that can join. There is more time to train and improve you reputation.
  • The mechanism in this game is a straightforward operation. Exactly like in real life you can steer the car tilt, left, right, use a steering wheel or brake system.
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