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Samsung Folding Smartphone Leak Also Revealed a Samsung Next-Gen Flagship Tablet

Last Friday, the famous leaks site SlashLeaks revealed the upcoming Samsung folding smartphone in a new video. According to the before-mentioned website, Samsung Vietnam leaked the official presentation footage of the forthcoming Samsung foldable smartphone and the anniversary flagship smartphone, Galaxy S10 lineup. But, surprisingly, the Vietnamese subsidiary of the South Korean tech giant also revealed a next-gen tablet. It seems that the tablet leaked by the source mentioned above would also be launched on February 20th, along with Galaxy F and Galaxy S10 series.

The main piece of the presentation would be undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy F folding smartphone. It is the first of its kind in the world, and since Samsungs design it, it would be a successful device, most likely. But, we won’t know for sure until February 20th when the South Korean tech giant would reveal everything about it.

Besides Galaxy F and the anniversary Galaxy S10 lineup, about which many leaks and information came out online, Samsung is also planning to launch a next-gen tablet, also leaked thanks to the tech giant’s Vietnamese subsidiary.

Samsung Folding Smartphone Leak Also Revealed a Samsung Next-Gen Flagship Tablet

In the leaked video of the first Samsung folding smartphone, the Galaxy F device, we can also see a Samsung next-gen flagship tablet with almost no bezels. It also appears wider than the current-gen 10.5-inch Samsung Tab S4 and even with a larger screen than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

According, the next-gen flagship tablet of Samsung might be the sequel of the 12-inch Galaxy Book 2 which has been the South Korean tech giant’s tablet-computer hybrid that competed with the Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6 tablet.

As the leaked video indicated, this Samsung next-gen flagship tablet, along with the first Samsung folding smartphone and the anniversary Galaxy S10 lineup, would also come out during the “Unpacked” event which would take place on February 20th, 2019, in San Francisco.

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Galaxy S10 Special Edition and Galaxy F, Folding Smartphone, Reportedly, Confirmed by Samsung

Samsung, the giant South Korean tech company has already confirmed that the launch of its Galaxy S10 series is going to happen very soon. More specifically, Samsung Galaxy S10 would roll out on February 20th in San Francisco and London. But, a recent leak from Samsung confirmed, reportedly, that two other models might come out on that date. More specifically, we’re talking about the Galaxy S10 Special Edition and Galaxy F, Samsung’s folding smartphone.

The reliable Dutch site GalaxyClub revealed that, allegedly, Samsung leaked some information regarding two of its upcoming Galaxy models. According to the website, the “EB-BF900ABA,” “EB-BF901ABA,” and “EB-BG977ABU” are the serial numbers of the batteries of the Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy models.

Even more interesting, EB-BG977ABU, as GalaxyClub stated, is linked to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Special Edition device which, reportedly, is 5G network compatible, and it hints to a 5,000-mAh accumulator. On the other hand, both EB-BF900ABA and EB-BF901ABA are connected to the Galaxy F (Samsung’s folding smartphone), and they are 3,100-mAh batteries.

Samsung Leaked Battery Serial Numbers Reportedly Confirmed Galaxy S10 Special Edition and Galaxy F Folding Smartphone

The battery serial numbers leaked by Samsung and spotted by the Dutch site GalaxyClub, namely, “EB-BF900ABA,” “EB-BF901ABA,” and “EB-BG977ABU,” hint to the accumulators of Samsung Galaxy S10 Special Edition, which is compatible with the 5G network, and Galaxy F, the South Korean company’s first folding smartphone.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S10 Plus device would come with a Galaxy Note 9-matching 4,000 mAh battery and the standard Galaxy S10 model would boast 3,500-mAh accumulator. Besides, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite would sport only a 3,100-mAh battery.

As for the price of the anniversary S10 series and the Galaxy F device, undoubtedly, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Special Edition and the first Samsung’s folding smartphone, Galaxy F, would cost more than the other models of the Galaxy S10 lineup which, alone, would be quite expensive.

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