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GTA 5 Online New DLC Announced – GTA$ Bonuses and Discounts

Rockstar is known for releasing new content for its most popular game, GTA 5 Online, in order to keep this title as fresh as possible. It is not a surprise then that new additions have been revealed by the company, which will become available later this week. The fans of GTA 5 Online will surely welcome new features, such as new cars, free apparel and aircraft discounts.

GTA 5 Online is not slowing down

All those who are concerned that the upcoming debut of Red Dead Redemption 2 will mean that GTA 5 Online will stop receiving new editions on a constant basis do not have to worry as yet another package is set to further improve the title later this week. Let’s take a look at the new content that has just been announced by Rockstar.

Two new cars, Chariot Romero Hearse and Mammoth Patriot

There is nothing more exciting for the fans of GTA than the opportunity to buy and test new vehicles. The upcoming DLC will see an addition of two new cars, Chariot Romero Hearse and Mammoth Patriot, which are set to become available for purchase directly from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

Omega T-Shirt

With the introduction of this new DLC, the gamers will also get a chance to unlock the Omega T-Shirt, which can definitely make your nightlife experience even better.

GTA$ bonuses and discounts

Once new DLC is released, it would be a good idea to play any Freemode Business Battle of your choice, as you can get double GTA$ and RP in case you are successful. This week you will also get a discount of 25% on champagne at the bar, while you will be able to earn more cash due to the Nightclub Popularity levels lasting twice as long as before.

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