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Hay Day Phantom Requests And Personal Train Errors Will Be Fixed

Recently, the Hay Day forum has users complaining about two issues that seem to repeat themselves in the game. The errors appeared after the previous update and players were trying to find a fix for them. For example, many users had problems when it came to picking up neighbors  Sometimes some of the picked up people disappear, while in other cases the neighbors don’t show up at all. In addition to that, there is also a townie glitch that does not allow players to see the accurate number of townies waiting at the stations.

There is also another issue related to help. This was described by a forum user, “Continuing inaccuracy in flagged help posted on screen help tab since last update. This continues despite 2 maintenances. Tends to involve false listing of home neighborhoods’ farms as needing help. Continuing obstacle to derby help tasks, impedes providing help and earning thank you notes (again rendering moot the new OI update in truck and town help).”

Official response

An official message was posted on the forum, on the official Twitter account and he official Facebook account: “We are aware of the issues with both phantom help requests, and that your personal train doesn’t populate with neighbours having visitors to be picked up. Both issues will be fixed in the next official update for Hay Day. Meanwhile, please be patient as both the help requests and the personal train visitor list gets updated every 30 seconds.”

A staff member also replied directly to users’ posts on the forum. It appears that the developers have been aware about the main issues for quite some time now, but in order to fix them, they need to release an optional or mandatory client update.

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