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VidMate vs. InsTube – Which Is a Better Online Videos Downloader?

Videos downloader apps are a fantastic way to get videos when streaming platforms don’t offer the option of downloading. So if you find streaming online videos to be a great way to evade, but know that you might encounter issues because they always need a steady internet connection, video downloaders are the perfect way to get around this. Two of the best options are VidMate and InsTube.

They both do an excellent job at downloading videos, and they also accept content from numerous websites, unlike other peers who are extremely limited at this category. We decided to compare the two apps to see which one ends up on top. Both services offer premium user experiences, but we will try to find a feature that sets them apart.


This app can download online videos at record speeds. VidMate operates a download system known as ‘multiple threads,’ and it allows users to download more than one video at the same time.

The app also offers an MP3 option, which can be used to convert music videos into MP3 tracks so you can store them into your music playlist. VidMate comes with a user-friendly interface (UI), which makes downloading incredibly easy, not only for experienced internet users.


This app supports multiple file formats and has the impressive ability to download any videos from all over the internet. The types of files supported by InsTube are AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, MPEG, RM, RMVB, WMV, and many others.

InsTube is the perfect option for people who like to listen to music as it provides users with a large variety of music controls like play in the background, recent playlist, and many more. The app also supports multi-core decoding and multiple subtitle tracks.

VidMate vs. InsTube – Which Is Better?

VidMate is the perfect app for those who want the files to download fast. In contrast, InsTube is also an excellent online videos downloader for users that want to have more control options over their content. Both apps are great, but the pick depends on what you need and what you want.


Best Vidmate Alternatives To Download Videos and Music on Android

Vidmate is already a very popular video downloader that runs on Android, but it’s also available on PC and Mac via Android emulators. However, it is not the only app that allows you to download videos and music from famous streaming sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Instagram, and LiveLeak, among many others. Here are the best Vidmate alternatives you can install on Android.

About Vidmate

Designed with a very straightforward GUI, built-in search engine and multimedia player, and lots of other features, Vidmate video downloader is one of the most appreciated video downloaders for Android. It allows you to download videos and music from a whole bunch of sites, including the big ones such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LiveLeak, DailyMotion, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and many more.

Vidmate is available worldwide but, due to Google’s policies regarding video downloaders, it is only downloadable from its official page or as an APK file.

Best Vidmate alternatives to download videos and music on Android


SnapTube is probably the best one of all the Vidmate alternatives you can find online. With a similar interface like Vidmate, SnapTube is also straightforward to use and also allows users to download videos and music from a lot of sites, just like Vidmate.


Similar to Vidmate and SnapTube, TubeMate videos downloader is also another great alternative to Vidmate. Just like the other similar apps, TubeMate comes with a built-in search engine to look for your favorite videos and music and multimedia player.


InsTube allows you to download videos and music in many formats and resolutions from over 1,000 video streaming sites including YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, and others. It boasts a clean interface, a built-in search engine, a reliable multimedia player, plus a very cool feature that permits users to protect their privacy by setting up a password.


Vidmate Vs. Instube – The Battle Between The Best Video Downloaders for Android

Anytime we get bored we pull our smartphone out of the pocket and play games, check out our favorite social network, listen to some music, or watch some videos. But, sometimes, is difficult to rely on mobile data or WiFi to get access to the Internet, especially when traveling abroad a lot and we’re on roaming which can increase the costs significantly. Luckily, we have the so-called video downloaders, and we can use those to download both videos and music whenever we want. Among the best video downloaders for Android, there are Vidmate and Instube. Let’s see which one’s better.

Vidmate Vs. Instube – Which is the best video downloaders for Android

Vidmate video downloader for Android

Vidmate is increasingly more popular with millions of users from every corner of the world having the app installed on their Android devices. Vidmate permits users to download videos or only audio tracks whenever they want and at what quality they desire from sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, LiveLeak, Instagram, and many others, as well.

The app’s interface is straightforward to use, and the Vidmate video downloader is fast and stable and has a built-in multimedia player, video search engine, and browser to ease up the whole process of downloading videos.

 Instube for Android

Similar to Vidmate, Instube is another excellent app for downloading videos from the Internet, but it comes with something unique. The app has some unique security features that are designed to maintain the privacy of the users and help them browse for videos safely.

Additionally, Instube creates a locked folder inside the smartphone’s internal storage where users can import/export videos and soundtracks without having to worry about viruses or bugs. While it scores lower at downloading speeds, as well as in popularity, compared to Vidmate, Instube video downloader remains one great app when it comes to downloading videos.

Which is better between Vidmate and Instube?

Is not an easy task to state which is better between Vidmate and Instube. They both are among the best video downloaders for Android, but Vidmate is older and already created a positive image in the people’s minds. You can choose which one you want because they are both excellent apps, but, personally, I’d go with Vidmate.

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