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Cydia Guide Download for iPhone – iOS 12 Unc0ver Jailbreak and iOS 11 Electra Jailbreak

If you are an iOS user and want to break free from Apple’s grip, to change your iPhone or iPad with the best and most extensive selection of apps, go and download Cydia and install it for making the best of your experience using the phone.

But first, maybe you want to know what features Cydia is offering:

  • The first step for enjoying Cydia, you must use jailbreak;
  • You can download tweaks and mods for making your phone to work as you wish;
  • You can download the modified stock app with updated features;
  • You can download a lot of great games with the new features included;
  • You can download screen records, themes, ringtones, emulators;
  • Take note that most of the tweaks are free, but some of them will charge you;

iOS 12 Unc0ver Jailbreak:

  • First of all, update iTunes on your computer and make sure that you have enough battery on your iPhone.
  • Download then the Unc0ver jailbreak .ipa file on your computer;
  • After that download Cydia Impactor and launch Cydia Impactor;
  • Connect your device and after it’s detected open the location of the .ipa file and drag it into Cydia Impactor;
  • Type your Apple ID details, and after that, Cydia Impactor will sign the file;
  • After the process is finished, open IOS Setting – General – Profiles – add the Apple ID or Unc0ver profile – click on Trust – and wait for Delete Disable Siri to appear.
  • Put your phone on Airplane Mode – Reboot – disable your Wi-Fi and keep your Airplane Mode on;
  • After that tap on the Unc0ver icon from your home screen and then tap Jailbreak Your Device;
  • When Cydia icon appears, your device is jailbroken.

For the iOS 11 Electra Jailbreak:

  • Device onto Airplane Mode, disable Siri – Reboot – Airplane mode is still on – Wi-Fi disconnected – Download Electra .ipa to your computer.
  • Use the link from us to Download Cydia Impactor – Plug in your iPhone or iPad into your computer – open Cydia Impactor – wait for the detection of your device – Open the .ipa file – drag and drop the file into Cydia Impactor – type your Apple ID and let the app do its job;
  • After the install – open General – Profile – tap the Electra Trust – wait for the status to change to Delete – Close Settings;
  • Tap the Electra icon and then Jailbreak. After it’s done, you will receive a message that your device has been jailbroken.

If you want to delete Cydia, download Cydia Eraser, Open it – tap Delete All Data and Unjailbreak Device – Delete All – Reboot, and you have your old iOS version.

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iOS 11 Electra Jailbreak Tool Receives 1.1.30-coolstar6-2 Update

Jailbreak fans who are using the Electra tool should be happy to know that CoolStar started rolling out the brand-new Cydia installer “1.1.30-coolstar6-2” update. The reason why jailbreak fans should get excited about the new update is that it is packed with a bunch of enhancements which are going to provide people who own iPhones or iPads that are jailbroken with the iOS 11 Electra tool.

New Cydia Installer Update

The last major Cydia update arrived six weeks ago on March 20th and CoolStar had enough time to develop some software tweaks which are going to enhance the tool. The interesting thing about the March 20th release and the new update is that both have new naming conventions which serve the purpose of showing people that they are a bifurcation of the original and certified Cydia that was launched by the famous Saurik.

What’s New?

The biggest change that the new “1.1.30-coolstar6-2” update contains is related to the Packhix and Hashbang (Chariz). The two will set as default repos from now on. In addition, the update’s changelog also mentions that some issues might pop up and what fans need to do in order to make them go away.

“If you get duplicate Packages error after updating Cydia, delete Hasbang and Packix repo from Cydia (it will not actually delete; it will only remove the duplicate entry)” said the developer in the changelog.

Two New Default Repository

What we can take from the update’s changelog is that CoolStar has introduced two new default repositories for Cydia. What this means is that Cydia users who installed the new update will have instant access to packages and content hosted on Packix and Hashbang serves. We should also mention that the new update can be installed directly on top of the previous one.

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