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IOS 11 Gets a New Update for a Cydia Eraser

Cydia’s creator, Jay Freeman, or as what most of us know him, saurik, replied to a post while confirming that he put an updated version of Cydia Esaer on his agenda. Unc0ver jailbreak users are already getting excited because of this news as it will make it quicker for them to revert to stock by removing the jailbreak.

How great is it to see that Freeman has finally decided to speak up his mind regarding his desire to update his tools and also what comes along with this, offering the best compatibility with @pwn20wnd’s unc0ver jailbreak.

This particular jailbreak solution makes saurik happy, and he is also satisfied with how it has been put together. With that being said, he does not mind throwing in some additional hours of work to update his packages and tools. It is not the first time we see happening with updates to Cydia Impactor.

Freeman, also nicknamed the “godfather of jailbreaking,” was put into a position in which he needed to answer what he is thinking about doing next. He mentioned that he is working on a Cydia Eraser update for iOS 11. Whatever the steps are to achieve this goal, it does not look like it worries the creator as he did not mention any other details about this update. However, he did not fail to offer users some bait, Freeman highlighting the fact that sometimes file formats can be changed by Apple and that he will do something to deal with that.

After Freeman makes sure that he knows exactly what his goal is, there is no doubt that he will give his 100% to ensure that the Cydia Eraser is functional for devices running iOS 11 and also the ones that have been jailbroken using unc0ver.

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iPhone X’s On-screen Gestures Features on any iPhone with iOS 11

The iPhone X’s on-screen gestures feature is one of the most popular among users. It seems to have redefined the touchscreen interaction. The possibility of using the device by making some gestures on the screen is necessary because the iPhone X has a nearly bezel-less display and no Home button.

On the other hand, the iPhone X’s exclusive swipe gestures can be added on any other Apple phone. The only condition is that the device needs to be jailbroken. If your iOS 11 system has a reliable jailbreak, a mod will bring the mentioned feature to your iPhone equipped with Home button.

Thanks to this addition, you’ll be able to enjoy the same gesture-based abilities even if you don’t own the X. The best part is that you’ll also have some side button shortcuts (the Sleep/ Wake buttons). If you can’t wait to try it, you should know another important advantage – you can find this jailbreak tweak inside Cydia.

How to install the tweak

The tweak we’re talking about is called Little X. You can get it very easy by simply opening Cydia, then taping on the search function icon. Here you have to type the keyword “littlex” in the search bar. After it appears in the field with results, tap the tweak once.

This step will redirect you to the Details page. Here you have to tap on Modify category, which is situated in the upper part. Now the installation begins and you will see a confirmation prompt appearing from the bottom half. After you hit Install, you will go to the next page.

All you have to do now is tap Confirm (in the upper right). Now, just wait while the tweak is downloaded on your device. When the process is complete, restart the iPhone by selecting the Restart SpringBoard button and the installation will be complete. LittleX is ready for tweaking and you can enjoy the on-screen gesture feature on any iPhone.

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Best iOS 11 and iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak Tweaks

When it comes to jailbreak tools available at the moment for Apple devices that run on iOS 11 and 11.1.2, CoolStar’s Electra is by far the best and most reliable option out there. Today we will be talking about the best jailbreak tweaks that have come up for the jailbroken version of iOS 11 and iOS 11.1.2.

BigBoss’ repository

BigBoss’ repository hosts a number of free jailbreak tweaks that you can get for free which we will be talking about now. One of them is called Active Display and it makes it so that the display now includes both battery and time information. ClearFolders is another jailbreak tweak that you can get for free if you so desire which makes it so your folder icons that appear on the Home page have a different design. The small tweak to the design makes it so that they are clearer and cleaner.

Another small tweak is called CustomLoadingText and it gives you the option to customize the spinner texts that appear in apps systemwide. Moreover, we can also find two other free jailbreak tweaks that you can get for free, namely LeaveAppMakeBounce and NowPlayingDisable. LeaveAppMakeBounce is responsible for adding a small bounce animation to the moment when you close your apps in the jailbroken version of your iOS 11 or 11.1.2 and NowPlayingDisable is quite straightforward, meaning that it stops the Now Playing notification that would appear on the Lock screen.

CydiaGeek’s repository

You can find two tweaks on here that you can get for free, the BlackPasscodeVIew one and ShyWeatherChannelButton. BlackPasscodeView is meant to make the passcode that appears on the Lock screen become black whereas before it was transparent. ShyWeatherChannelButton is meant to hide the Weather Channel button that one can find in the Weather app.

These features are all free and we believe that they are some of the best out there which is we decided to talk briefly about what they do.

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iOS 11 Electra Jailbreak Tool Receives 1.1.30-coolstar6-2 Update

Jailbreak fans who are using the Electra tool should be happy to know that CoolStar started rolling out the brand-new Cydia installer “1.1.30-coolstar6-2” update. The reason why jailbreak fans should get excited about the new update is that it is packed with a bunch of enhancements which are going to provide people who own iPhones or iPads that are jailbroken with the iOS 11 Electra tool.

New Cydia Installer Update

The last major Cydia update arrived six weeks ago on March 20th and CoolStar had enough time to develop some software tweaks which are going to enhance the tool. The interesting thing about the March 20th release and the new update is that both have new naming conventions which serve the purpose of showing people that they are a bifurcation of the original and certified Cydia that was launched by the famous Saurik.

What’s New?

The biggest change that the new “1.1.30-coolstar6-2” update contains is related to the Packhix and Hashbang (Chariz). The two will set as default repos from now on. In addition, the update’s changelog also mentions that some issues might pop up and what fans need to do in order to make them go away.

“If you get duplicate Packages error after updating Cydia, delete Hasbang and Packix repo from Cydia (it will not actually delete; it will only remove the duplicate entry)” said the developer in the changelog.

Two New Default Repository

What we can take from the update’s changelog is that CoolStar has introduced two new default repositories for Cydia. What this means is that Cydia users who installed the new update will have instant access to packages and content hosted on Packix and Hashbang serves. We should also mention that the new update can be installed directly on top of the previous one.

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