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iOS 12 Jailbreak for the iPhone XS Public Release with New Improvements

Earlier this month, Apple released to the public the new iOS 12. Since this occurred, hopes for a new jailbreak too for this latest piece of software began to rise inside the jailbreak community. Because Apple continued during these past few years to work on tightening the security around its software, jailbreaking has unfortunately become more and more difficult.

In a recent tweet, Min Zheng claimed that team Pangu succeeded to perform an iOS 12 jailbreak on the fresh iPhone XS. Considering the fact that the iPhone XS has been around for only about a week, this news took everyone by surprise. Min Zheng works for Alibaba, where he gets a salary as a security researcher.

According to the things featured in the aforementioned tweet, Pangu managed to achieve the iOS 12 jailbreak on the new Apple device by choosing to bypass the PAC mitigation which can be found on the A12 Bionic chipset. This processor has been incorporated in this year’s Apple models, running the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS and the XS Max as well.

Despite this relevant information, Zheng included in his tweet a couple of screenshots that show the root access on the iPhone XS, confirming what he said about the jailbreak. Since this was possible to perform, then it means that the same iOS 12 jailbreaks could be done on the iPhone XS Max as well, at least in theory, since both models are using the same kind of chipset.

It is quite possible that the reason why team Pangu didn’t already did this on the iPhone XS Max is simply that they didn’t gained access to the device yet. However, with the team’s history of putting jailbreaks in the public domain, this remains a matter of time.

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