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Telegram 5.6.2 Rolled Out With New Features, Improvements, and More

WhatsApp may be the most popular messaging app in the world, but some question the amount of privacy offered by the service, especially if we are looking at the recent issues faced by Facebook. There are excellent alternatives, and Telegram is has been growing fast in the last years. Read below to learn more about the app and its features. Now, Telegram 5.6.2 rolled out with some bug fixes and improvements.

Telegram features

  • Speedy – A unique protocol backed by several data centers makes Telegram the fastest messaging service in the world.
  • Unified – Users can access their messages from any device and at the same time. If you start to write a message on your smartphone, you can finish it on your laptop and send it without trouble.
  • No space limitation – Send any files, regardless of the type or size. The chat history will be backed for your convenience without the need to consume valuable storage space on your device.
  • Safe and protected – The app was developed to provide the most significant level of security to its users. The entire data content of the app, including chats, groups, media files, and other, are encrypted by using a high-performance and high-security 256-bit AES encryption and 2048- RSA encryption. The service is made even more secure by the use of Diffie-Hellman key exchange. The level of encryption is on par with the one used by the military, and users can rest assured that no one will be able to access their data.
  • Optimized for social interaction – Groups with up to 200,000 members can be created. Sharing large files is secure, and tech-savvy users have the option to automate some tasks by using bots.
  • Works everywhere – By using a very efficient data transmission protocol, Telegram will work even in areas with lousy signal coverage.

What’s new in Telegram 5.6.2?

The latest update, 5.6, comes with a selection of new features. Swiping left will allow you to archive any chat while swapping right on an archive will allow users to hide it quickly. An unlimited number of conversations can be pinned in an archive, and users will have the option to manage, delete, or archive them at any time. The logo and in-app menus have been redesigned, and the app looks better than ever.

According to the Telegram 5.6.2 official release notes, the following new features have been introduced:

  • Swipe left on any chat to archive it.
  • Swipe left on your archive to hide it from the chat list.
  • Pin an unlimited number of chats in your archive.
  • See who is online straight from the chat list and sharing menu.
  • Select multiple chats in the chats list to delete, pin or archive them.
  • Choose between two-line and three-line chats in the chat list.
  • Enjoy the redesigned app icon and menus throughout the app.
  • Use the quick ‘Forward’ buttons when selecting messages.
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Telegram X Beta Is Available To Download With New Features

Telegram is a popular instant messaging app focused on privacy, which also allows for video and voice calls for free. It can be regarded as an alternative to WhatsApp, too, and it sports some features that make it be some users’ first choice when it comes to texting applications on Android. Telegram X, for its part, is an improved version of the Telegram app, with higher speed and experimental functions, along with some slicker animations. Now, Telegram X Beta is available to download with new features.

About Telegram X

While Telegram is already a favorite instant messaging app on Android, and not only, Telegram X comes with improved speed and animations. Also, it boasts some experimental features that the original Telegram app is not yet possessing. Many users appreciate Telegram X and prefer it over the initial application and even over WhatsApp or other messaging applications.

Also, Telegram X is not a Telegram mod. Instead, it is a second variant of the popular instant messaging app, developed by the same company – Telegram LLC.

With Telegram X, users experience all the original functionalities of the Telegram app, plus some new features that make Telegram X slightly better than the default application.

Telegram X Beta brings new features

Besides the regular bug fixes and stability and performance improvements that usually come along with the release of a new version of an Android app, Telegram X Beta also comes with some new features.

According to the official release notes of Telegram X Beta, the following novelties came in:

  • Telegram X is now available in Arabic, Czech, Hebrew, Norwegian (Bokmål), Persian and Turkish
  • Share posts and media with other apps
  • User Themes: Create, Share and Install themes created by the community
  • Brand new Night Black theme
  • Faster sending of text messages
  • Choose wallpaper while using dark themes
  • Bold fonts have a much better look while using Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Persian, and many other languages
  • Other bugfixes and performance improvements

If you’re not part of the Telegram beta testing program, you can download and install Telegram X Beta as an APK file from your favorite APK site.

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WhatsApp vs. Telegram – Best Voice and Features Comparison

A lot of similarities

Before beginning to discuss the unique aspects of each of these apps, we must talk about their similar features first to get that out of the way. First, web versions are available for both apps which makes it more comfortable for you to carry a conversation from whatever design you want. Same basic features are provided by both apps such as sending photos, text, and video. A delivery confirmation and read receipts are delivered by both apps. However, telegram does not allow you to turn off the read receipts, but WhatsApp does.

Group conversations are allowed by both apps, but on WhatsApp, you can only invite 256 people while Telegram allows 10,000 people in one group. You can send files to contacts on both these apps, but Telegram has a bigger limit than WhatsApp (16 MB), 1.5 GB.

Voice calling is offered by either service. Your calls will be top-quality on both these apps, but WhatsApp has a low data usage mode if you have limited data.

How is Telegram unique

Thanks to its possibility to offer end-to-end encryption to users, Telegram has become extremely popular. Messaging platform today offer this as well, but if you are serious about privacy, Telegram would be a better choice because you can also make secret message and chose not to allow screenshots of conversations. WhatsApp does not offer these features.

Why WhatsApp?

Its huge userbase makes WhatsApp stronger because a messaging service is not worth using if you do not have people to talk to. 1.3 billion users are active monthly on WhatsApp exceeding Telegram’s 100 million users.


The winner title goes to WhatsApp due to its vast user base which makes everything more convenient for users and when you are away from Wi-Fi you will be delighted to use the low data mode.

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Unknown Telegram Tips That Will Improve Your Messaging Experience

Telegram is a messaging app that is slowly but surely gaining more and more popularity. Since both WhatsApp and Messenger are affiliated with Facebook, users started trusting them less. Telegram represents one of the best alternatives out there. The app has numerous innovative functions. Here are some of them.

Custom LED colors and notifications

Telegram allows users to customise notifications and even the LED notifications color. For notifications LED you will need to have an Android phone with a notification LED. Custom notifications are available on all phones. Simply go to Contact info, tap on Notifications and sounds and you will have a chance to change notifications, sounds, priority, LED colours, vibration patterns and more.

Change your number

You might need to change your Telegram phone number at one point. Luckily for you, it is very simple to do that. You just need to head over to Settings and then tap Phone number. There you will be able to change it to a new one. All your Telegram contacts will get your new number added to their address book, as long as they had your old number.

Manage media downloads

Telegram is great for file sharing as it allows you to send files up to 1.5 GB. However, you don’t want your storage to become full so you need to decide which Telegram files should be downloaded. In order to do this you need to open Settings, head over to Data and Storage and choose whether you want automatic downloads When using mobile data or When connected on Wi-Fi.

Hide last seen

Telegram also allows you to hide last seen so that other users can’t see the last time you were online. You can do this by going to Settings > Privacy and Security > Last seen.


Telegram 4.7.1 For MacOS Comes With Support For Video Streaming and Other Improvements

Telegram is an application that receives updates on a regular basis and, although it is true that sometimes the new versions do not bring anything special, the latest Telegram update for MacOS brings support for video streaming. On the other hand, Telegram is on the right track to compete with WhatsApp, currently the best instant messaging application for Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS.

Telegram 4.7.1 For MacOS Comes With Support For Video Streaming and Other Improvements

Evidently, the new Telegram update for MacOS came out with the typical improvements in stability, enhancements in the general performance of the application, and several bug fixes. The main novelty, however, is the one mentioned above, namely, the support for video streaming.

Accordingly, the new Telegram 4.7.1 we allow users of MacOS to watch videos without waiting for them to be downloaded. Logically each of the new versions brings some new features that make the app work better and, in this case, Telegram also boasted a new function.

Telegram Is Getting Constant Updates, And It Is On The Right Track To Compete With WhatsApp

Telegram is one of the best messaging applications for many users but, apparently, is not at the same level as WhatsApp, at least regarding popularity and downloads. Also, WhatsApp is more appreciated by users than Telegram thanks to its more useful features. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that both Telegram and WhatsApp are updated continuously by their devs with bug fixes and new functions.

In particular, in the case of Telegram for MacOS, for some time now, the app receives constant improvements, and its performance is regularly enhanced so that users experience a flawless instant messaging application. In the new Telegram 4.7.1 version for MacOS, the devs added support for video streaming, along with several other stability and performance improvements, so the app is on the right track to compete with WhatsApp which is currently the most popular instant messaging application.

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