Windows 10 19H1 Hints To an App That Permits Making and Receiving Phone Calls on Windows 10 PCs

A few days ago, the Dell Mobile Connect application rolled out with which users could connect their smartphones with their Windows 10 PC. Among other functions, the app allows users to make calls directly from the PC, using the mobile phone as an intermediary since, basically, what it did was to reflect the phone call on the PC. Similar to this Dell Mobile Connect application, it seems that Microsoft might also launch its own app, according to the references that have been found in Windows 10 19H1.

Windows 10 19H1 hints to a possible app to sync PCs with smartphones for making and receiving calls on computers

Italian tech news portal Aggiornamentilumia has found a non-active application in Windows 10 19H1 with the name Windows.CallingShellApp.

Among the text strings, there are some that refer to several connection-related functions for calls such as “preparing..”, “transfer to PC,” “transfer,” “could not transfer, “incoming call options” or “the call could fail.” Also, “you are out of Wi-Fi range” appeared there, indicating that everything would be done via wireless connections.

The new functions might eventually come as a standalone app or in “Your Phone”

Not being an active app, we cannot know exactly all its function or how it works, however, and taking into account the development of “Your Phone,” it would not be surprising that the next step of Microsoft is to allow users to use Windows 10 PCs to make and receive phone calls.

You should take all that with a grain of salt, even though you might be one of those people who are waiting for a Microsoft standalone app to sync your smartphone to your Windows 10 PC for making and taking phone calls. Luckily, the functions found within the Windows 10 19H1 might either be implemented in a standalone app or might arrive in the “Your Phone.”

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