Clash of Clans Essential Defensive Strategies To Dominate The World

Even though Clash of Clans was released back in 2012, there are still many new players who join in every day. Clash of Clans offers a fun gameplay experience that despite first appearances, it’s quite complex. The game features lots of troops and buildings that players can use to create strategies in order to defeat their foes and support their Clan members in times of war.

On the downside of things, the game might seem a little bit challenging to new players since veteran players have already figured out what type of strategies to use. Therefore, today we are going to give Clash of Clans fans a quick rundown on how to defend themselves.

Defensive Structures

The first thing that new Clash of Clans players need to do is to achieve Town Hall level 3. The reason why this is so important is because Town Hall 3 gives players access to three of the most important defensive structures: the archer tower, the cannon and the mortar.

While these defensive structures might seem basic, cleverly placing them around the Town Hall will provide great defense, especially against troops such as archers and barbarians. In addition, players should try and build lots of cannons since they offer an all-ground defense.

Building Walls

As the city starts growing, Clash of Clans players will find that there are some buildings which they need to protect more than others and here is where walls come in. Even though they might be the most basic defense structure, we advise new players to try and get creative with them like building mazes for example. A great tip we have for Clash of Clans players who are looking to take their battle strategies to the next level is to put down many walls at the same time because they don’t take any time to build.

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