Rawtx Lightning Network Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet Rolled Out For iOS

Rawtx released its Rawtx Lightning Network Bitcoin (BTC) wallet for iOS, on a test network. The wallet has been developed with LN Daemon, a software created by Lightning Labs that allows the use of the LN micro-payment network.

On May 9th the wallet development team announced its launch. It was then only available for Android devices. Today, the Rawtx Lightning Network Bitcoin (BTC) wallet is available on the App Store.

The application allows multiple wallets, and each wallet has two types of accounts, namely, a payment account and a savings account.

Rawtx opens and closes payment channels by transferring money from the savings account to the payments account, for the opening, and from the payments account to the savings account, to close the channel.

Lightning invoices can be paid by scanning QR codes, and Lightning receipts can also be generated and show incoming and outgoing money on the Lightning Network. It also provides information on the status of the LN network, such as the number of nodes, channels, and so forth.

With the release of the Rawtx Lightning Network Bitcoin (BTC) wallet on iOS, the project became open source

The team reported that they are working on bugs related to crashes and lost backgrounds, although, at the moment, the application only runs on a test network.

“Performance/bandwidth and storage utilization is our other priority,” the Rawtx team reported.

Since now, as the Rawtx Lightning Network Bitcoin (BTC) wallet is released on iOS, the development of the wallet will be open source.

To privilege privacy in the relationship between the wallet and the blockchain, the developers used Neutrino, a client of interaction with the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain from Lightning Labs.

The developers have proposed a series of tasks to be done, where they have asked for the collaboration of those members of the community who have the necessary skills. Thus, integrating autopilot, API development, Litecoin (LTC) integration, improving the GUI for payments, and even performing translations into other languages are some of the elements that the team hopes to grow with the help of the crypto community.

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