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Steam Summer Sale Starting Date Revealed by Online Information Leak

Until recently, a big secret was wrapped around Steam’s important upcoming sale starting date, but some information leaks are firing up the online environment by stating that the event will start on June 21st this year. It shouldn’t surprise us that the organizers kept this as a secret since Valve has never revealed any of the Steam sales starting days. However, they found a way to let people know when the event will take place and they did that in real, useful time.

What is the Steam Summer Sale all about?

The Steam Summer Sale is an event dedicated to passionate gamers. It is organized by the Steam Database, a website that follows any changes that might appear within games hosted by it. According to the organizers, June 21st is gamers’ lucky day this year. Although we don’t know when it will end, we might have an idea if we look at last year’s edition. In 2017, the event lasted for 13 days, so probably Valve will follow the same pattern this year as well.

Can we mark the Summer Sale starting date into our calendars?

So far, we don’t have an exact confirmation, but we know for a fact that the date isn’t quite secret. If it were, no information could have leaked until the organizers would have told us. Also, Valve has an interesting marketing strategy – it sends emails to developers which sell games on their Steam platform and notifies them about sale dates. In this case, sellers don’t lose the chance to offer discounts and special offers for their games, if they were planning to. Now that you know the starting date, don’t lose the chance to buy new games, because the variety will be so wide that you might even end up with unnecessary acquisitions.

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