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Steam Summer Sale 2018 Starts Today – Highlight Steam Deals

Lots of exciting new games have been unveiled during this year’s E3 event. Sony and Microsoft took E3 as an opportunity to give back to their fans and offered huge discounts on console games. While this might be great for console fans, this is making PC players feel left out

Luckily, Steam decided to follow in Sony and Microsoft’s footsteps by launching a huge sale for a bunch of AAA games. With that being said, today we are going to check out some of the best deals that PC players can benefit from.

Highlight Steam Deals

  • Nioh for $30;
  • Darkest Dungeon for $7.50;
  • Pyre for $8;
  • Firewatch $5;
  • Undertale for $5;
  • Crypt of the Necrodancer for $3;
  • Tyranny for $15.29;
  • Ni No Kuni II for $36.

These are just some of the highlight deals PC players can pick from on Steam, but there are many other discounts. We advise PC players to check out Steam’s game library and see if there’s a game that’s been sitting on their wish list.


Firewatch is the game that will get the most attention during this new Steam Summer Sale. This game features fun gameplay mechanics, but the best thing about it is its immersive story. Players will be thrown out in the wilderness and the only person they can interact with is over the radio.

The game is set in 1989 and the players will get to control Henry who is the game’s protagonist. The interesting thing about Firewatch is that players are encouraged to explore their environment where they will find all sorts of weird stuff which lead to an incredible discovery!

Darkest Dungeon

While Firewatch might a game for people who enjoy having a little fun, Darkest Dungeon is designed for people who love taking on a challenge. Therefore, if you are the type of person who likes games such as Dark Souls, then you might want to give Darkest Dungeon a try.

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Steam Summer Sale 2018 Is Around The Corner

Every year comes with new opportunities for gamers. During Steam Summer Sale they have the chance to enlarge their collection with awesome releases and they don’t even have to spend all the money they saved. The event is hosted on the Steam platform and participants can expect to acquire popular games right from the catalogue with considerable discounts. The organizers haven’t made any official announcement yet, but the prices can be reduced with 75% or more.

When will the event start?

Passionate gamers are waiting anxiously for this event and many have saved money especially for this Sale. So far, a big mystery was wrapped around the Steam Summer Sale’s starting date. Now, according to some leaks, those who want to renew their games collection in 2018 have to mark the 21st of June in their calendars.

The date is very close, so get ready and prepare to open your wallets for about two weeks. We can approximate the duration based on previous year experience, so in your case, most probably, the event will last until the 5th of July.

Most of the people who share the same passion for video games consider this a great opportunity, but there are also people who criticize Valve, the owners of Steam platform and the Sale organizers. According to some voices, during the Sale, intellectual property loses its value because of so many discounts and ”digital hoarding” is encouraged.

Driven by the excitement, people buy a lot of games that they never actually play and this is a waste of money. Also, somebody’s work isn’t appreciated and this isn’t the developers’ purpose.

In any case, the Steam Summer Sale is one of the greatest opportunities to make great bargains for new games and people who want to try the latest releases shouldn’t miss it. Just keep the 21st of June 2018 in mind and be prepared to start shopping!

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Steam Summer Sale Starts on the 21st of June – What’s So Special?

Gamers know that the best and most-wanted versions of their favourite games might be quite expensive, so they can’t ignore an event like the big Steam Summer Sale. The event is organized by Valve, the Steam platform owners and this is the perfect occasion to get all the video games you love at decent prices and even make some good bargains.

Every person interested in purchasing new games has been waiting anxiously to find out when will the event start, so that they wouldn’t miss it. Although it is not confirmed yet, thanks to some friendly Redditors who have shared some insides, we can reveal that the Steam Summer Sale will open on June 21st and it will end on July 5th.

What makes this event so special?

When it comes to this sale, participants highly appreciate the fact that even the most popular and expensive games can be purchased with a discount, while other similar activities wouldn’t offer this possibility.

Unlike many sales, even popular and more expensive games are discounted. This means that you will keep some of the money you have saved for enlarging your games collection and still ”go home” with the finest aquisitions.

It seems that in the attempt to promote the event and gather as much gamers as possible, the organizers sent emails to developers and announced them that the starting time has been set at 9.55am PST (5.55pm BST) on June 21st. The event is supposed to finish at 10.05am PST (6.05pm BST) on July 5th 2018.

So far, we don’t have other information. The purpose of these e-mails is to invite developers to think about the discounts they are planning to offer in this year’s Steam Summer Sale edition. We’ll have to wait and see, but if video games are you hobby, don’t miss this opportunity!

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Steam Summer Sale Starting Date Revealed by Online Information Leak

Until recently, a big secret was wrapped around Steam’s important upcoming sale starting date, but some information leaks are firing up the online environment by stating that the event will start on June 21st this year. It shouldn’t surprise us that the organizers kept this as a secret since Valve has never revealed any of the Steam sales starting days. However, they found a way to let people know when the event will take place and they did that in real, useful time.

What is the Steam Summer Sale all about?

The Steam Summer Sale is an event dedicated to passionate gamers. It is organized by the Steam Database, a website that follows any changes that might appear within games hosted by it. According to the organizers, June 21st is gamers’ lucky day this year. Although we don’t know when it will end, we might have an idea if we look at last year’s edition. In 2017, the event lasted for 13 days, so probably Valve will follow the same pattern this year as well.

Can we mark the Summer Sale starting date into our calendars?

So far, we don’t have an exact confirmation, but we know for a fact that the date isn’t quite secret. If it were, no information could have leaked until the organizers would have told us. Also, Valve has an interesting marketing strategy – it sends emails to developers which sell games on their Steam platform and notifies them about sale dates. In this case, sellers don’t lose the chance to offer discounts and special offers for their games, if they were planning to. Now that you know the starting date, don’t lose the chance to buy new games, because the variety will be so wide that you might even end up with unnecessary acquisitions.

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