Clash of Clans Download Update – Town Hall 12 Arrives, What’s Next?

The internet has been buzzing with rumors and speculations about Clash of Clans’ upcoming update. Supercell, the game’s developer, announced that the new update will introduce Town Hall 12. This is great news for Clash of Clans fans because Town Hall 12 will make the game more fun to play and it will give veteran players a reason to come back. Not just that, but Town Hall 12 also gives Clash of Clans reason to start coming up with new attack and defense strategies.

Town Hall 12 Arrives

After months of waiting for Town Hall 12 to arrive, Supercell finally decided to release it. The new feature introduces a bunch of cool stuff such as Siege Machines, Siege Workshops and the powerful Electro Dragon troop. Nonetheless, Supercell is not taking any breaks and the game developer is already working on the next update!

Clash of Clans Next Update

Even though some people might think that Supercell is going to give its developers a break now that Town Hall 12 has arrived, this is not the case. Supercell is reportedly working on a new major update that will arrive this summer. With that being said, let’s check out what types of features the new update might include.

Bug Fixes and Balance Changes

The one thing Supercell cares about the most is to provide players with a fun experience. Therefore, Supercell puts all its focus on bug fixes because it wants to make sure that the game never crashes randomly. Therefore, the upcoming summer update will include a handful of bug fixes.

In addition, Supercell is always working on balance changes so that troops and buildings are not overpowered. This is why we strongly believe the upcoming Clash of Clans summer update will introduce a bunch of balance changes which will improve the game’s combat.

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