Clash of Clans – Tips and Tricks that Only Veteran Players Know About

Clash of Clans has been out since 2012 and it’s been played by millions of people. However, the game still has lots of undocumented secrets that most players have no idea about! Supercell, the game developer, loves to give players the ability to use special tips and tricks that they need to figure out in order to become the best Clash of Clans in their friends group. With that said, today we are going to present readers with two essential Clash of Clans tips and tricks that only veteran players know about.

Keeping Elixir Safe from Attackers

The Barracks is one of the most basic buildings in the game, but veteran Clash of Clans have lots of special uses for it. While most people use the Barracks to recruit new troops, clever players can use it to keep their Elixir safe from attackers. The way to do this is to queue a large number of troops to train while going offline and the cancel the queue when coming back online. The reason this keeps the Elixir safe is because Clash of Clans doesn’t charge any penalties for canceling troop training.

Enemy Town Hall Level is Important

The main reason why Clash of Clans players want to attack others is to steal resources from them. The only downside to this is that players can never know how much resources they are going to be able to steal. Therefore, attacking a player and stealing a low number of resources is not going to pay off. However, clever Clash of Clans players can take a look at the enemy’s Town Hall level and this will give them an idea of how many resources they can steal. A Town Hall of level 1 will give an 100% modifier for what players can steal while a higher Town Hall of level 3 will give a 150% modifier.

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