Best 6 Tips on How to Build Your Clash of Clans Strategy

For those of you who don’t know, Clash of Clans is a game in which you need to build forts and them protect them from your enemies. If you want to have fun while playing this game and still find a successful way to finish it, you need to have some kind of strategy. Besides the strategy, having some tips for you it won’t be such a bad idea.

We’ve written this article to give you those tips that may always come in handy next time you’re playing the game. You’ll be able to defeat your enemies in no time and to create the fortress of fortune easily. It’s important to mention that the strategy can vary from one level to another, so be careful which one you’re using for what.

Be careful how you pick your target

Let’s say you’re at a higher level. This doesn’t mean that you have to target weak enemies. It’s actually not advisable, since you get fewer points and spend resources that will probably not add up to your level. If your only target is to get more resources, you need to go after enemies who have a handful of goblins, not after those who have a full army. If you choose to go for the full army, you’ll probably lose. It’s better to go safely if you’re not sure of the outcome of the battle.

Keep your gems

Gems are important, as it helps you gain more points. It’s better to save them until later, when you’ll probably want to build huts. During your missions, you also have to make sure you get as many gems as possible. Make the most out of your gems.

Record Clash of Clans

This game requires some experience in battles to help you advance in the game. You might want to record the levels you pass. To do this, you need to use the iOS Screen Recorder from Wondershare.

Get yourself a strong army

As a rule, you get an entire game before the war starts. While you have to wait, you will learn the battlefield, make sure everything’s okay with the army and upgrade the air defense. In case your walls are still at a low level, you might need to go for battlefields on land. Make sure you know the weaknesses and strengths of your enemies before going for an attack.

Make a target out of unprotected villages

It’s known that unprotected villages have no stars. When you make a target out of them, you get more points with the army of clans. Bare in mind that when you go to the battle with a strong enemy and you win, you might expose your weaker clans to harder battles.

However, if you decide to go after weaker enemies, it’s likely that your allies will not find it easier to battle with stronger enemies. In these cases, you’ll probably lose and you’ll low your rating. To get a better outcome, you need to involve your whole clan when it comes to missions.

Take care of yourself

You probably enjoy attacking your opponents, but how about keeping in mind at all times that they might enjoy attacking you, too. When your Town Hall is destroyed, you have 12 hours to make a plan for your next move. If your defensive sections are damaged, it’s probably not a wise move to just attack your enemies – you’ll lose the battle. What you should do is upgrade your towers, spend gems on making yourself stronger and build up your army.

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