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Final Fantasy 15 DLC – New Content in 2019

Fans of Final Fantasy 15 you have gotten some stuff to look forward to without taking into consideration the recent release of the game’s Windows and Royal editions. Square Enix has recently revealed more details on upcoming DLCs, and we can trust it as it published and developed the game. The downloadable content is set to be released in 2019.

Below you can see some expectations for the future updates:

Here is what you can anticipate

An Episode Ardyn is currently being developed for 2018 and fans can’t wait. This DLC episode is known as The Conflict of the Sage, and it will explore Ardyn’s story. You will learn more about his history with the line of Lucis, and you will be introduced to his character life.

Beyond Episode Ardyn’s availability, Square Enix revealed during PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) that more DLC episodes are being worked on. For example, The Beginning of the End or Aranea which is going to be a not so great side story.

Episode Lunafreya comes next in line it will be called The Choice of Freedom consisting into an introduction in Lunafreya’s life as an Oracle and her efforts in being a comrade for Noctis in his mission. Frequent players thought to consider that it will merely be utilized as a plot device in the main story of the game.

In addition to this, we can also expect The Final Strike, an Episode Noctis which will make the players see the game through Noctis’s eyes,

Taking this information into account, it is still to be seen how director Hajime Tabata will handle the ending of Final Fantasy 15.

Availability of the new DLCs

The DLC episodes mentioned above do not have an actual release date, but a target window was announced for 2019.

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