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The Sims 4: Seasons New Revenge is Coming

The trailer for The Sims 4 new expansion, called Seasons just made its appearance. The game is set to show how sims get through the four seasons. You can build a snowman or throw snowballs, or jump in a pile full of raked leaves. This is the most wanted expansion for Sims, and we can see the reason why: at some point it gets boring to have the same surroundings, having some diversity didn’t hurt anyone. It’s awesome to see how things change from one season to another.

Did we mention that you can actually fight in this game?

This expansion gives the traditional holidays, like Christmas and Easter and Valentine’s Day. You can choose to celebrate these. Or you can choose to fight around your neighborhood. Nothing will stop you now, not even the fact that you’re beating your family. You can fight pretty much everyone you find.

Here’s how you do it: you walk around the streets, and you look for someone to fight with. If you see that a door’s unlocked, you get it and you start fighting with whoever you find out there, in the house.  Neighborhood Brawl just happens. You won’t be able to prepare for it. It will randomly show on your calendar and it’s like The Purge all over again.

If you’ve been playing this game for a while now, you know that sims are innocents, they don’t fight back. Ever. You put them in a pool, then remove the ladder? Your sims die, without a doubt. However, since the developers removed that and allowed them to get out of the pool, it doesn’t seem like so much fun. However, players found new ways to kill their sims, by removing the doors and liting things on fire.

Let’s face it; everyone will do it, even if it’s not nice. This game will transform the pretty welcoming neighbors in a gang of attackers. It’s going to be so much fun!

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